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Mother's Nursing Rooms

Directions to Lactation Rooms

Main Campus Map with Mother's Lactation Rooms Highlighted (.pdf)

Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In general, rooms are left unlocked and can be locked from the inside. If you find that a room is locked and there is no one using the room, please call 656-0156 and we will have the door unlocked as soon as possible.

There are five rooms currently available:

Delehanty Hall (0402)

Trinity Campus, Delehanty Hall, Colchester Avenue, Room 118A

Enter through the main entrance on the south side of building; walk through the large lobby and bear to the right through the double doors; bear left down hall and room is first door on right. (A sink is available in restroom 132).

Map of Delehanty Hall (.pdf)

Dudley H. Davis Center (0034)

590 Main Street, Room 117

Enter the building and go to the first floor information desk (game room area – across from the elevators) to pick up the key; room 117 is on the north side of the building (facing the Bailey Howe Library). There is a sink available in the restroom down the hall between the VT Cynic and WRUV offices. 

Map of the Davis Center (.pdf)

Given Building E (0073)

89 Beaumont Avenue, Room E-133

Entering on west side of Health Science Research Facility, walk straight toward the back of the lobby, turn left down the main Given corridor, and follow the hall to the end toward the Medical Education Center; room E-133 is on the left prior to entering Medical Education Center.

Entering on south side of building at connector between Rowell Hall and Given Complex, turn right towards Given Courtyard, then turn left down the main corridor; room E-133 is on the left. (A sink is available in the room.)

From the Medical Education Center, room E-133 is on the right as you enter Given Building.

Note: This room requires access via CATcard. In order to receive access, ask your departmental administrator to submit a key request form.

Map of the Given Building (.pdf)

Ira Allen Chapel (0012)

Breastfeeding Friendly Employer Icon26 University Place, Level 1, Room I-129

Enter the building from the east side off the Votey parking lot; head straight through the lobby to a corridor and turn left; room I129 is on the corner and first room on the left. (A sink is available in the adjoining restroom).

Map of Ira Allen Chapel (.pdf)

Waterman Building (0160)

85 South Prospect Street, Room 123D

Enter the building from the south side, off College Street (you'll be on the second floor), and turn right. Take the stairs on the right down one floor, then turn right down the hallway just beyond the bottom of the staircase. Waterman 123D is at the end of that hallway on the left. There is a privacy shade on the door and the door can be securely locked from the inside. Unlike other spaces, Waterman 123D can be scheduled through Oracle Calendar. From Calendar's file menu, simply select "Open," then "Agenda," and type in "Waterman 123D" to see the schedule for the space and its availability.

Waterman Building (0160)

85 South Prospect Street, Room 424

Enter the building from the south side, off College Street (you'll be on the second floor), and follow the main corridor toward the center of the building; in the center of the building take the elevator (on the left) up to the fourth floor. Coming off the elevator turn left, then turn left again at the end of the hallway. The nursing mother's area is within the women's restroom, room 424.

Map of the fourth floor of the Waterman Building (.pdf)

Many thanks to Campus Planning Services for providing these directions and the linked maps.

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