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Nursing Mothers Policy

Vermont Law and UVM Policy Related to Nursing Mothers

The Law

Vermont legislation protects a woman’s right to express breast milk for a nursing baby while at work by requiring an employer to provide uncompensated time and make a reasonable effort to provide a private space in which women employees can express milk. To see the full text of the law, click here.

Key Points:

  • Privacy to express milk
  • Flexible breaks
  • Education-offer resources for breastfeeding education and support
  • Support-provide a breastfeeding friendly work culture and environment

UVM Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Policy Nursing Mothers Icon

The University of Vermont, in compliance with state law, adopts this policy to support the health and well-being of employees and their infant children by providing a workplace that supports a decision of an employee to breastfeed. The University supports and encourages the practice of breastfeeding and the expression of breast milk by employees who are breastfeeding when they return to work. Additionally, it is the policy of the University of Vermont to prohibit discrimination and harassment of breastfeeding employees who exercise their rights under this policy.

Responsibilities and Procedures

Role of the Employee

  • Discuss your plans with your supervisor for expressing breast milk before you begin your maternity leave.
  • Determine your needs for scheduling and support.
  • Check the list of nursing rooms web page to obtain information regarding locations of designated spaces for pumping on campus, or arrange with your supervisor to find a private place to pump within your building.
  • Request and arrange with your supervisor for appropriate and reasonable break times or flextime for expressing milk.

Role of the Supervisor

  • Provide reasonable break time each day or make reasonable accommodations for flexible work schedules for employees wishing to express breast milk.
  • Provide a private space with a lock on the door for expressing milk. A bathroom stall or storage area is not an appropriate lactation space. If employees prefer, they may also express milk in their own private offices.
  • Assist in providing a positive atmosphere of support for breastfeeding employees.

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