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Childcare Resources

Childcare Resources

When looking for childcare, it is sometimes difficult to unravel what you will need to know and where you can get the best information. Your decisions can include learning how to select quality care for your child, narrowing the possibilities available in your community, and accommodating the needs of your family and your job.

UVM Human Resources can provide you with information to help you with these and other decisions regarding childcare, guiding you through a series of options, including the following resources:

  • A list of updated, licensed, and registered childcare providers in the State of Vermont
  • UVM Campus Children's Center
  • If you prefer to use Child Care Resource (863-3367) which provides information on childcare, locations, types of services, hours of service and costs, the University will reimburse you up to $50 for any cost incurred. (Note that this reimbursement is taxable.) Send or bring a receipt for the amount paid (along with the Social Security Number of the UVM employee) to Payroll Services, 237 Waterman.

For information detailing the University's various programs, policies, and procedures concerning childcare, call Human Resource Services at 656-3150, or visit the Employee Information Center in 228 Waterman.

Last modified January 29 2014 04:54 PM