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Tuition Reimbursement for Employees Living and Working Over 40 Miles from the University of Vermont Main Campus

UVM faculty and staff members who live and work 40 or more miles from the University of Vermont main campus in Burlington may apply for tuition reimbursement for courses taken at any of the five state colleges for which tuition remission is now available to dependent children. These schools are: Johnson State College, Lyndon State, Castleton State, Community College of Vermont, and Vermont Technical College. Employees will qualify for tuition remission at these colleges using the same criteria for which employees qualify for on-campus tuition remission.

Tuition remission for UVM faculty and staff at these colleges is paid for by UVM as a direct expense and is not covered in the reciprocal agreement for tuition exchange between UVM and the state colleges.

To qualify for tuition remission, the employee must complete the course, although there is no requirement for completion with a passing grade.

Employees may apply for reimbursement in either of the following ways:

Method 1: Payment in Advance

After submitting an application for tuition reimbursement to Human Resource Services, the employee may then pay for the course in advance. Upon completion of the course, the employee must submit proof of completion and evidence of tuition payment to Human Resource Services. Reimbursement will follow by inclusion in a subsequent paycheck. Having paid his or her tuition in advance, the employee will immediately qualify for tuition remission in the following semester within the guidelines of the UVM tuition remission policy.

Method 2: Direct Billing

An employee may find it difficult to pay for tuition in advance of taking a course. In this case, when applying for tuition remission, he or she may request that UVM authorize the college to bill UVM directly in advance of the course. If the college cannot bill UVM directly, UVM will arrange to pay for the course in advance.

Once the course is completed, the employee will be required to provide proof of completion before applying for tuition remission for another course. If the employee has not shown evidence of having completed the course, payment for a subsequent course must be paid for in advance by the employee as in Method 1.

If the employee drops or withdraws from the course, any tuition paid by UVM or any credit due from payment of the employee's tuition will be refunded by the college where the course is taken to UVM directly. If direct refund to UVM is not possible, UVM will require reimbursement from the employee. UVM reserves the right to deduct the refunded amount from the employee's paycheck.

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