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New Employee Orientation Registration

New Employee Orientation Registration Form

Note that Orientation dates are listed in a drop-down box near the bottom of this form under the heading "Orientation Information."

Employee Information

*Required Fields

*Employee First Name   *Last Name   MI

 Preferred Name   *Current e-Mail Address:

(Benefits information will be e-mailed to the individual prior to Orientation.)

*Home Address   *City   *State   *Zip

Is this person currently employed at UVM in another position? Yes No

Please include a contact number in case we need to reach this individual prior to Orientation.

*Best Contact # (Home or Cell Phone):

Position Information

*Home Department

*Employee's Work Address (where their paycheck will be mailed)

Name of Employee's Supervisor (First Last):

*Employee Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy):

PeopleAdmin Posting Number

*Position Type: Faculty Staff

*System Title

*UVM-Approved Working Title: (to appear in Directory information and on CATcard)

*Is this a temporary position? Yes No


*UVM Salary: Fletcher Allen Salary:

Exempt or Nonexempt:


Bi-weekly or Semi-monthly:

*Is the employee part of a Bargaining Unit? Yes No

If yes, Union Name:

Specialized training needed for the position:

Orientation Information

*Date Requested for Orientation (mm/dd/yyyy):

Will the employee need assistance or accommodations at Orientation? Yes No

If yes, please describe:

Requesting Individual's Information

*Your First Name   *Last Name

*Your e-Mail:

*Your UVM Phone Number:

*Today's Date (mm/dd/yyyy):


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