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New Hire Enrollment Registration

New Hire Enrollment Form


  • Use this form to enroll any new employee for the New Hire Enrollment session, as well as the UVM Culture and Community session, both of which are part of New Employee Orientation. Note that this form may also be used to enroll physicians in Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bias sesssions.

  • You must have the PeopleSoft Employee ID # to complete this form. If you do not currently have this number, you must wait to complete this form until you do. For more information, please refer to Step One, here.

  • This form must be submitted no later than noon the Friday before the anticipated New Hire Enrollment date
  • Employee Information

    *Required Fields

    *Employee First Name   *Last Name    

    *System Title    
    *PeopleSoft Employee ID#:

    New Hire Enrollment Date

    The Date selected should be the employee's first day of work.

    *Date Requested for New Hire Enrollment Session/Orientation (mm/dd/yyyy):

    UVM Culture and Community Date

    This session is required for all staff positions. If your employee is therefore not required to take this session, please choose option "Not Required", then select a date for Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bias below.

    Note: This date cannot be the same date as New Hire Enrollment.

    *Date Requested for UVM Culture and Community:

    Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bias

    This session is required for all employees not attending UVM Culture and Community, including UVM Medical Center Physicians.

    Please Note: There are no scheduled dates for this class at this time. The content and format are being updated to an on-line format. More information will be coming soon!


    Will the employee need assistance or accommodations at any of these sessions?

    Yes No

    If yes, please describe:

    Requesting Individual's Information

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    *Your UVM Phone Number:

    *Today's Date (mm/dd/yyyy):

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