University of Vermont

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Marta Ceroni

Marta Ceroni Affiliate

PhD, Forest Ecology, University of Parma

MS, University of Parma

BS, University of Parma



Marta joined the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics in 2000. Her teaching and consulting focus on developing and using ecosystem service assessments to inform land use and conservation planning, policy making for sustainability, and community development. Marta's international work includes leading studies of economic opportunities and markets for ecosystem services for the United Nations Development Programme (Macedonia and Romania), promoting forest carbon markets for sustainable forest management (Ukraine), and fostering computer-based mapping of ecosystem services (Mexico, Madagascar, and Italy). Marta has also a strong interest in ethnobotany from an ecological economics perspective and is involved in promoting fair and sustainable supply chains for valuable gum resins in the Horn of Africa. Besides her international work she is also committed to promoting sustainable economies in rural areas of Vermont and New Hampshire through participation in the New Economy movement and valuation of forests as community assets.

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