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Military Kids Invited To Get Fit, Be Strong

Burlington--Vermont's military kids are invited to step up and accept the Get Fit, Be Strong Challenge.

The challenge, which is sponsored by University of Vermont Extension's Operation: Military Kids (OMK) program, kicked off on Jan. 1 and will run through April 1. It is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle through physical fitness and healthy habits including getting adequate sleep and eating right.

Anyone with a parent or guardian in the military may register for the challenge at

Everyone will receive a certificate of participation as well as have a chance to win raffle prizes by completing a specified number of hours of physical activity and certain lifestyle goals at the bronze, silver or gold level. In addition, if at least two hours of activity a week are done together as a family, participants will be eligible for the bonus prize raffle.

For the bronze level, kids must complete three to four hours of physical activity per week and achieve one or two healthy lifestyle goals throughout the challenge. These goals include eating three servings of fruit or vegetables every day, limiting desserts to only three times per week, decreasing weekly TV and electronics use, increasing family activity time by one hour per week and going to bed earlier.

The requirements for silver are five to six hours of physical activity per week and three or four goals. For gold, participants must complete at least seven hours of activity each week and achieve all five of the healthy lifestyle goals.

Hours and goals should be tracked weekly and submitted to OMK on a biweekly basis. Participants also are encouraged to submit photos of their families showing how they are meeting their health and fitness goals.

To learn more about the challenge and awards or to download the tracking sheets, go to