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Vermont 4-H'ers Excel at Big E Dairy Show

girls showing dairy cows
Britney Hill, Bristol (left) with her Holstein winter calf and Shelby Biasini, Morrisville, with her Brown Swiss winter calf, compete in the Senior Fitting and Show Championship contest at Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Mass., in September along with other top finishers in the senior division age 15 and up. Shelby was named Senior Fitting and Show Champion. (photo courtesy of UVM Extension 4-H)

Burlington--Vermont 4-H'ers captured several championships and top place awards at the Eastern States Exposition 4-H dairy show in West Springfield, Mass., Sept. 12-15, beating competitors from the five other New England states.

The 35 youths selected to participate in the regional dairy show competed in both fitting and showmanship in which they are judged on their poise and presentation and handling of their animal in the show ring, and in conformation classes, where the animal is evaluated on body condition and appearance. In addition, awards were presented by breed for state herds with Vermont winning first place for Brown Swiss and Jersey.

Due to the large number of competitors, several fitting and showmanship classes were held in the junior (ages 12-14) and senior (age 15 and older) divisions. The top two finishers in each class in each division competed for championship awards. Shelby Biasini of Morrisville was named Senior Fitting and Show Champion for the second year in a row. Maggie Kirby of East Montpelier won Junior Fitting and Show Champion.

Other Vermont 4-H club members placed as follows in their respective classes:


Class A: Olyvia Fortin, Newport (third); Michael Jewett, Vergennes (eleventh)

Class B: Emily Carson, Newbury (eleventh)

Class C: Cole Goodhue, Fairfield (first); Bethany Orvis, Middlebury (fourth)

Class D: Andrew Seward, East Wallingford (fifth)

Class E: Maggie Turco, West Rutland (first); Peter Carrara, Proctor (third); Todd Howard, Greensboro Bend (seventh); Isaac Parent, St. Albans (eighth); Isabella Williams, Brandon (tenth); Luke Parent, St. Albans (eleventh)

Class F: Maggie Kirby, East Montpelier (second); Megan Hill, New Haven (third)

Class G: Levi Vaughan, East Thetford (fifth)


Class A: Timothy Carson, Newbury (fourth)

Class B: Dacey Anechiarico, Whiting (fifth); Benjamin Maille, Shelburne (sixth); Nathan Fefee, Bristol (eighth); Hailey Knowles, Granville, N.Y.

Class C: Cassie Westcom, Enosburg Falls (fifth); Megan King, Vernon (sixth); Alexis Ouellette, Weybridge (seventh)

Class D: Molly Turco, West Rutland (first); Tyler Royer, North Troy (seventh); Amanda Eugair, Proctor (twelfth)

Class E: Shelby Biasini, Morrisville (first); Kathryn Wright, Enosburg Falls (fourth); Brooke Aicher, Shelburne (seventh); Kelli Jerome, Leicester (ninth); Brooke Hubbard-Sizen, Sutton (twelfth)

Class F: Britney Hill, Bristol (first); Courtney Banach, South Burlington (second)

Class G: Saddie Roy, New Haven (fifth)

Vermont 4-H'ers also competed in conformation classes, earning several breed championships. The results were as follows:

AYRSHIRE: Reserve Junior Champion--Dacey Anechiarico, Whiting

Spring Calf: Dacey Anechiarico, Whiting (first)

Winter Calf: Peter Carrara, Proctor (second)

Summer Yearling Heifer: Kelli Jerome, Leicester (first)

BROWN SWISS:  Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion--Shelby Biasini, Morrisville; Reserve Junior Champion--Courtney Banach, South Burlington

Spring Calf: Olyvia Fortin, Newport (first)

Winter Calf: Shelby Biasini, Morrisville (first)

Summer Yearling Heifer: Cole Goodhue, Fairfield (first); Emily Carson, Newbury (third)

Spring Yearling Heifer: Nathan Fefee, Bristol (first); Brooke Aicher, Shelburne (third)

Winter Yearling Heifer: Kathryn Wright, Enosburg Falls (first)

Fall Yearling Heifer: Courtney Banach, South Burlington (first); Benjamin Maille, Shelburne (third); Isabella Williams, Brandon (sixth)

HOLSTEIN: Junior Champion--Saddie Roy, New Haven. Reserve Senior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion: Luke Parent, St. Albans.

Winter Calf: Britney Hill, Bristol (first); Timothy Carson, Newbury (fourth); Alexis Ouellette, Weybridge (sixth); Isaac Parent, St. Albans (ninth)

Fall Calf: Maggie Kirby, East Montpelier (second)

Summer Yearling Heifer: Levi Vaughan, East Thetford (third); Cassie Westcom, Enosburg Falls (fifth); Michael Jewett, Vergennes (eighth)

Spring Yearling Heifer: Saddie Roy, New Haven (first)

Winter Yearling Heifer: Todd Howard, Greensboro Bend; Jake Senecal, Bradford (third)

Fall Yearling Heifer: Andrew Seward, East Wallingford (third); Bethany Orvis, Middlebury (fourth)

Senior Two-Year-Old Heifer: Luke Parent, St. Albans

JERSEY: Senior Champion and Grand Champion--Megan Hill, New Haven

Fall calf: Megan King, Vernon (third)

Summer Yearling Heifer: Tyler Royer, North Troy (first)

Junior Two-Year-Old Heifer: Molly Turco, West Rutland (first); Maggie Turco, West Rutland (second)

Senior Two-Year-Old Heifer: Megan Hill, New Haven (first)


Winter Calf: Amanda Eugair, Proctor (second); Hailey Knowles, Granville, N.Y. (fourth)

Summer Yearling Heifer: Brooke Hubbard-Sizen, Sutton (second)

To learn more about the Vermont 4-H dairy program, contact Wendy Sorrell, UVM Extension 4-H livestock educator, at (802) 656-5418 or