University of Vermont

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes at UVM

General Education Assessment

General Education at the University of Vermont has been moving forward, guided by faculty committees that approve and promote curriculum for the Foundational Writing and Information Literacy (FWIL), Diversity, and Sustainability requirements.

The assessment of General Education outcomes also rests with faculty-led committees.

The Foundational Writing and Information Literacy steering committee assists the FWIL Director, Libby Miles (, who is responsible for the assessment of the Foundational Writing and Information Literacy Outcome.

In 2016, two new General Education Assessment Committees were created and charged with assessing the extent to which students are achieving the identified learning outcomes for the Sustainability and Diversity requirements respectively.

The assessment findings of the latter two committees will inform the work of the curriculum review committees for the Gen Ed Diversity and Sustainability requirements.

The website for General Education at UVM is currently being redesigned. A link will be provided soon.

Last modified September 18 2017 12:57 PM