University of Vermont

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes at UVM

Forms & Tutorials

For assistance in creating an assessment plan or filling out an E1A or E1B form, you can contact J. Dickinson (, Provost’s Faculty Fellow for Assessment, or the Unit Assessment Coordinator for your college or school (see contact page).


  • Assessment plan template [docx or doc]
  • SAMPLE assessment plan [docx or doc]
  • Blank assessment plan charts:
  • NEASC Forms (for chairs/program directors):
    • E1A form [doc] (for programs that are not externally accredited)
    • E1B form [doc] (for externally accredited programs)


  • Office of Institutional Research (OIR): The OIR website offers institutional-level data sets from UVM sources.
  • UVM is currently customizing Stassen et al.’s manual, Program-based Review and Assessment. The UVM version of the manual will be available soon, but the version available on the University of Massachusetts, Amherst website provides excellent ideas and resources for developing a program assessment plan.
  • Workshops and Tutorials: See the Announcements and Workshops page for materials from past workshops. If you would like help or other resources, contact J. Dickinson (

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