Course registration is open to UVM students and alumni, professionals, students and graduates from other colleges, high school students, lifelong learners, and other continuing education students. All courses are taught by UVM faculty, visiting professors, or practitioners, and offer the same academic rigor as courses offered during the academic year.

Students with a UVM NetID and password can register at

Students without a UVM NetID should Pre-Register with UVM Continuing Education.
(visiting undergrads, graduate students and international student)

High School and Pre College Students should Pre-Register in the High School section of the Continuing Education site.

Enrollment Policies

Add or Drop: Students can add or drop courses without academic or financial penalty through specific dates each semester. See Add-Drop/Withdrawal Dates for details.

Withdrawal: Withdrawal from a course is a formal procedure that students must initiate. Students who merely stop attending classes will receive failing grades and will be held accountable for tuition and fees. Students can withdraw from a course by the withdrawal deadline at the myUVM student portal. To withdraw after the specified dates, Continuing Education (non-degree) students can petition the Studies Committee in Continuing Education. The petition must document that the late withdrawal is due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. Any withdrawals for medical reasons must be approved by the Center for Health and Wellbeing. Withdrawals are not permitted after the last day of classes for the semester. Withdrawals, including withdrawals for medical reasons, after the Add/Drop period will result in a reduced or no tuition refund.

Grading Policies: Grades are reported as letter grades. See Registrar’s site for details on letter grades and how they are incorporated into a cumulative grade point average (GPA). Grades earned in Continuing Education courses are incorporated into a student’s GPA.

Incomplete: This grade applies to course work that is not completed due to circumstances beyond the student’s control, e.g., illness, as documented by the Student Health Center; personal tragedy; academic, such as breakdown of computer or laboratory equipment; or unanticipated delay in receiving information from sources inside or outside of UVM. Incompletes can be awarded to Continuing Education (non-degree) students only with the permission of Continuing Education and the course instructor. Course requirements must be completed at the earliest possible date, but no later than the beginning of the corresponding semester in the next academic year. Students are responsible for contacting Continuing Education regarding the approval of their request and the date of completion. They are also responsible for contacting their instructor regarding all outstanding requirements.

Audit: Continuing Education (non-degree) students may audit courses. They receive no grade credit for audited courses and pay regular tuition and fees. Students must contact the instructor to discuss minimum audit requirements and obtain a signature on the “Grading Mode Selection Form,” available online at Registrar’s site  or at Continuing Education or the Registrar. This form needs to be submitted to the Registrar within the Add/Drop period. Students may change their status from credit to audit or from audit to credit during the Add/Drop period with approval from both the instructor and Continuing Education.

Accessing Grades: Grades are available online at the myUVM Student Portal. Go to Important Dates for exact dates.

How to Request Your Transcript: Current Students: If you have an active myUVM account, log in to myUVM to request your transcript. Current students will find the transcript request link on the Registrar page.

Alumni and Former Students: Most alumni and former students have a myUVM account even if they did not have one when they attended UVM. Alumni/former students will find the transcript request link on the Alumni page in myUVM. If you are not sure whether you have an active myUVM account, please try activating your account online by choosing Set up your NetID or Reset a forgotten NetID password.

After you have activated your account, you should be able to log in to myUVM to request your transcript.

If you need assistance reactivating your account, please contact the Tech Team at 802-656-2604. If you cannot request a transcript online, please contact The Office of the Registrar at or 802-656-2045.

Access to Records: Under the federal Family Education Rights & Privacy Act of 1974, students have the right to review any of their educational records maintained by UVM. Learn more at Registrar’s site, click on Access to Your Student Records.

Academic Policies and Student Responsibilities: More information on academic policies and requirements can be found in the UVM Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogue, available online at here .

University policies governing student rights and responsibilities are explained in “The Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities and University Policies,” available as a PDF document. A copy can also be requested from the Office of Judicial Affairs at 656-4360.

The directory of The University of Vermont includes the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of students, staff, and faculty. However, the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 grants to all students the right not to have personal information contained in the records of the university released to any individual, agency, or organization. Students who do not want their information released must complete, by the fifth day of classes, a form for non-disclosure, available at the Registrar.


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