University of Vermont

Procurement Services


The Requisitions function in PeopleSoft enables employees and procurement professionals to accurately manage the process of purchasing goods and services for the University. Information about vendors, payments, billings and budgets is maintained via this PeopleSoft module.

Requisitions are used to order goods and services. Requisitions are entered into PeopleSoft by individuals who are assigned the proper security and roles. Procurement Services creates a purchase order based on the requisition. The purchase order is then sent to the vendor, with a copy forwarded to the requester. A requisition creates a pre-encumbrance against the chartstring provided, reducing the overall available budget balance. A purchase order clears the pre-encumbrance and creates an encumbrance — the budget balance remains the same. The action of paying an invoice clears the encumbrance and creates an expense.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a requisition

For step-by-step information on how to create a requisition (including blanket requisitions and speed charts) or how to view chartstring information on a requisition, please consult the Requisitions and Accounts Payable Mini-Manual provided by Human Resource Services.

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