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Lab Groups Recruiting Graduate Students for Fall 2016:

Research Areas and Associated Lab Groups

Beckage, Hill, Hughes, Keller, Molofsky, Perkins, van den Berg, Vogelmann

Complex Systems
Beckage, Molofsky, Lintilhac, Delaney

Evolution and Systematics
Barrington, Harris, Keller, Molofsky, Preston, Stratton

Barrington, Delaney, Harris, Keller, Molofsky, Preston, Stratton, Tierney

Cell and Molecular Biology
Delaney, Harris, Tierney

Barrington, Harris, Lintilhac, Preston

Harris, Lintilhac, Perkins, Tierney, van den Berg, Vogelmann

Biophysics and Biochemistry
Lintilhac, Vogelmann

Plant-Microbe Interactions
Delaney, Harris

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