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James Marvin Memorial Seminar Series

Seminars are held in room 110 Jeffords Hall at 4:15 pm every Thursday. Refreshments are available starting at 3:45 pm in room 107 Jeffords Hall.

The current seminar schedule is posted below. Schedules for the previous academic year can be accessed at www.uvm.edu/~plantbio/marvinarchive.php

Spring 2017 Marvin Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Seminar Title
Jan 26 Dr. Dawei Li, UVM Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Identifying novel viral integrations using whole-genome sequencing
Feb 2 Dr. Jinshun Zhong, UVM Plant Biology Preston Lab Evolution of Cold Adaptations in Temperate Grasses (Pooideae, Poaceae)
Feb 9 Dr. Mel Tyree, University of Alberta Experimental and theoretical evidence for negative turgor pressure in leaf cells: Is there a functional significance?
Feb 16 Dr. Aimee Classen, UVM Rubenstein School Ecosystem function in a changing world
Feb 23 Dr. Sen Subramanian, South Dakota State University
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Spatio-temporal auxin-cytokinin balance during nodule development in soybean
Mar 2 Dr. John Stinchecombe, University of Toronto
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
Ecological genomics of plant adaptation
Mar 9 Dr. Matt Wargo, UVM Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Dissecting robustness and resilience in a model bacterial community from the International Space Station
Mar 16 No Marvin Seminar Spring Break
Mar 23 Nikisha Patel, UVM Plant Biology graduate student, Barrington Lab Polyploid evolution among apomictic ferns of the Dryopteridaceae in East Asia
Mar 30 Dr. Brandon Ogbunu, UVM Biology
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Coffee and Epistasis
Apr 6 Dr. Anna Jacobsen, California State University Bakersfield
Host: Dr. Phil Lintilhac
Woody plant xylem vessels: Development, hydraulic function, and hydraulic failure
Apr 13 Kattia Palacio Lopez (Molofsky Lab) and Gianna Sassi (Harris Lab), UVM Plant Biology graduate students Genomic admixture between locally adapted populations of Arabidopsis thaliana: Evidence of optimal genetic outcrossing distance 
Evolutionary History of the plant NTR1/PTR Family (NPF1) 
Apr 20 Suryatapa Jha (Tierney Lab) and Sanhita Chakraborty (Harris Lab), UVM Plant Biology graduate students A Novel Retromer Subunit VPS26C, and its Human Ortholog, Regulate Polarized Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana
Interplay between salt signaling and the early stages of nodulation
Apr 27 Gabe Andrews and Ellen Gawarkiewicz, UVM Field Naturalist graduate students Rivers Stories Along the New Haven: Resilience and a Sense of Place in a Vermont Watershed
Cultivating Modern Naturalists: Proposal for an Undergraduate Field Naturalist Concentration
May 4 Sonya DeYoung and Anya Tyson, UVM Field Naturalist graduate students Wild Surprises on Ordinary Land: An Ecological Assessment of a Soon-to-Be Small Farm
NOLS and Nutcrackers: citizen science at high elevations
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