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Marvin Seminar Series

Seminars are held in room 112 Jeffords Hall at 4:00 pm every Thursday (note the change from room 110 Jeffords in previous semesters). Refreshments are available starting at 3:30 pm in room 107 Jeffords Hall. Five faculty candidates are giving seminars in Spring 2014, two of them on Mondays rather than Thursdays. They will all be held at 4pm, preceded by refreshments at 3:30.

The current seminar schedule is posted below. Schedules for the previous academic year can be accessed at www.uvm.edu/~plantbio/marvinarchive.php

Spring 2014 Marvin Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Seminar Title
Monday, Jan 13 Dr. Henry Adams, Los Alamos National Laboratory (candidate for plant ecologist faculty position) Tree stress and mortality from drought
Jan 16 Dr. Rachel Vannette, Stanford University
(candidate for plant ecologist faculty position)
Microbial symbionts affect plant chemistry and species interactions
Jan 23 Dr. Stephen Keller, University of Maryland
(candidate for plant ecologist faculty position)
Plants on the move: evolutionary responses during natural and human-induced range changes
Monday, Jan 27 Dr. David Haak, University of Indiana
(candidate for plant ecologist faculty position)
Evolutionary ecology of plant defense
Jan 30 Dr. Eric von Wettberg, Florida International University
(candidate for plant ecologist faculty position)
Mechanisms and ecological applications of local adaptation in a rapidly changing world
Feb 6 Dr. Jeffrey Hughes, UVM Plant Biology How a Forest Ecosystem Knows What to Do After Large-Scale Disturbance
Feb 13 Dr. Jeanne Harris, UVM Plant Biology A colorful conundrum: how different colors of light regulate a symbiotic interaction belowground
Feb 20 Dr. David Barrington, UVM Plant Biology A biogeographic perspective on the fern genus Polystichum
Feb 27 Dr. Barbara Ambrose, New York Botanical Garden
Host: Dr. Michael Sundue
Evolution and Development in Ferns
Mar 6 Spring Break No Seminar
Mar 13 Canceled owing to weather
Dr. Nick Kaplinsky, Swarthmore College
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Canceled owing to weather
Proteostasis, development, and high temperature responses in Arabidopsis
Mar 20 Nikisha Patel, graduate student, Barrington lab
Meghan McKeown, graduate student, Preston lab
Evolution of apomixis in two fern genera: Phegopteris and Polystichum in North America and temperate Asia
Evolution of vernalization responsiveness in temperate Pooideae
Mar 27 Dr. Joel Griffitts, Brigham Young University
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Getting to Fix: Negotiating compatibility in the legume-rhizobium symbiosis
Apr 3 Kattia Palacio Lopez, graduate student, Molofsky lab
Gianna Sassi, graduate student, Harris lab
Phenotypic variance in response to temperature in Arabidopis thaliana
Testing the conservation of LATD/NIP function for root organ development across angiosperms
Apr 10 Dr. Chuck Davis, Harvard University
Host: Matt Pierle and Dave Barrington
The big, the bad, and the beautiful: plant parasitism and the origin of the world’s largest flowers
Apr 17 Kelly Finan, Field Naturalist graduate student
Matt Cahill, Field Naturalist graduate student
Beyond Trails: A New Perspective from Maine's Natural Heritage Hikes
The Problem with Rust: Lessons from an Invasive Fungus Survey in California
Apr 24 Matt Pierle, Field Naturalist graduate student
Gus Goodwin, Field Naturalist graduate student
Working forest lands, ecological communities, and bird conservation in the Adirondacks
Title TBA
May 1 Dr. Dave Richardson, University of Stellenbosch
Host: Dr. Jane Molofsky
Tree invasions: New insights from an amazing global experiment in biogeography
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