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The following firms provide perennials and related products to home gardeners nationally or worldwide, by mail order, online orders where noted, or both.  Only firms and sites fairly easily accessible, with seemingly accurate information at time of checking, and some identification, are listed.  Since most firms now have websites that are easily found through search engines, this list focuses on those providing reciprocal links, or some educational information.  This list is reviewed and updated as possible, but is by no means inclusive, is constantly changing, and is not meant to discriminate against those sites not mentioned nor endorse those mentioned. It is provided for informational and educational  purposes only.

Please see garden gates for more local and regional sources, or separate listings for Local Perennial Sources, Speciality Perennial Sources, or Wholesale Perennial Sources..

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latest additions:

Deer Busters supplies and fencing, details, for deer control in gardens and landscapes


Plants, Seeds



Gateways to Sources

Plants A-Z


Alaska Hardy Perennials from Fritz Creek Gardens, ordering, AK
Aloha Tropicals perennials for the warmer zones, CA

Architectural Plants A-Z listing, good info, unusual garden plants from West Sussex

Arizona Aquatic Gardens aquatic and tropical plants, AZ

Avant Gardens small and diverse, unusual plants, online orders, MA


B&T Seeds massive listing of the common and unusual, from France
Barbadine tropical seeds trees to flowers, mail order, in French and English
Blooms of Bressinghamthe famous UK nursery, now in the US too, list of outlets
Kurt Bluemel major ornamental grass source in U.S., information, photos, MD
Bluestone Perennialsestablished mail order, small plants, OH
Bob Scott's Nursery hostas, daylilies, companion plants, landscaping, online orders, OK
Bodiam Nursery over 1000 plants including perennials from East Sussex
Botanic lots of plant information, products, online orders to Europe, site in French
Botanus perennials, bulbs, roses and more, mail order within Canada, BC
Brent and Becky's Bulbs nice selection, unusual varieties, experts in this field, VA
Burncoose Nurseries large selection, many unusual, woodies too, Cornwall
Burpee catalog, garden designs, specials, interactive hotline



Canning Perennials designs, newlsetter, information, online and mail orders, Ontario
Chiltern Seeds established and extensive, searchable, online orders, UK
Collector's Nurseryrare and unusual plants, photos, large listing, WA
Companion Plants online ordering, plants, seeds, mushrooms, information, OH
Cooks Garden unusual flower and vegetable seeds, information, recipes from Vermont
Cotswold Garden Flowers incredible site, info on over 5000 cultivars, ordering
Cottage (The) Gardener plants to Canada, seeds also to US, other products, mail order, ON


Dam (William) Seeds seeds of many items, spring bulbs to Canada, mail order, ON
Diacks Nurseries roses, woodies


Earthcare Enterprises mainly bamboo, also gingers, aquatics, for Australia, Queensland


Fancy Hibiscus photos, links, ordering, FL
Farmyard Nurseries unusual perennials, alpines, Hellebores, mail order UK and EU, Wales
Ferncliff Gardens perennials, several special groups, ship in Canada and outside, BC
Fieldstone Gardens nice site, from Maine
Florabunda Seeds old British cottage garden species, Ontario
Forestfarm Nursery diversity of plants, online shopping, much information, OR
Fraser's Thimble Farms small plants of all sorts, mail order ship in N America, BC



Garden Makers seeds of unusual plants, information , photos, MA
Garden Path Nursery plants locally, unique homegrown seeds mail order, ON
GardenImport English plants, bulbs and seeds, mail order to N America, ON
Glasshouse Works extensive, broad listing, much tropical, also unusual perennials, OH
Global Gardensretail and mail order, hostas, other perennials, MN
Graceful Gardens organic delphiniums, annuals, perennials, online ordering, central NY
Graines-Baumaux flower and vegetable seeds,bulbs,photos, online orders, in French


Heritage Perennialsa Canadian produced line, list of stores, information, links
High Country Gardens plants for western gardens, online orders, NM
Hirts extensive garden center of plants, supplies, online ordering, auctions, more, OH
Hortico perennials, roses and other plants from Ontario
Ed Humesseeds



Johnny's seedswell known Maine seed firm, catalog, specials


Klehm's Song Sparrow Nurseryspecialty daylilies, peonies, hosta, unusual perennials, WI


Landlife wildflower seeds, National Wildflower Centre in Liverpool
LilyBlooms water gardening supplies, information, email newsletter, OH
Logee's Greenhouses famous mail-order of unusual plants, online ordering, CT


McClure and Zimmerman flower bulbs, much useful information, online ordering
Monksilver Nurseryretail, several national collections, Cambridge
Morning Glory Farm nice site and photos, unusual perennials and annuals, TN
Munchkin Nursery perennial seeds, especially native and woodland and shade, IN


Native Habitat Landscaping seeds, plants for species preservation and research, FL
New England Seed Co. seeds of flowers, veg and herbs, online orders, also wholesale
Niche Gardens natives, wildflowers, the unusual, from NC
Nichols Nurseryherbs, rare seeds, OR
Nickys Nursery seeds mail order, related products, plants in Kent, UK
Nottcutts Garden Centres information, listing for SE England




Park's SeedsThe well known seed co., SC
Perennial (The) Gardens large selection, mail order, to CN, BC
Pinetree Garden Seeds wide selection including perennials, online ordering, ME
Plant Delights a top mail-order nursery for new and unusual perennials, from NC
Plantfields field grown vegetables, flowers and herb plants, Piedmont Plant Co



Rareplants extensive bulb site, photos, worldwide exports from No. Wales


Santa Rosa Gardens plants and tools, especially for the South, online orders, FL
Seed and Plant Exchange just that with others, also bulbs, lots of banners premier online garden store for AU
Seeds by Size over 6000 listed, good sowing info, no photos, Herts.
Seeds for the South for zones 7-9, from So. Carolina
Seeds of Diversity non-profit heritage seed-saving and exchange program for Canada
Seeds Unique unique seeds of flowers to trees, online orders, "seed school"
Seeds West heirloom seed of edibles, cottage flowers, SW wildflowers, online orders, NM
Seneca Hill Perennials plant listings perennials, photos, mail order, NY
SEPI, Perennial seedsSeed source from Canada (PQ), English and French
Sexy Bloomers perennials, catalog, humorous site, upstate NY
Sheffields Seeds mainly woodies, some herbaceous, mainly natives, NY
Shepherds Garden Seeds catalog, information, resources
Skipness Plants unusual, mail order, Argyll, Scotland
Smittycroft Perennialsnice selection, hardy roses, Ontario
South African Seeds wildflowers of all sorts, exports, photos, German and English versions
South Cove Nursery small mail order to Canada, perennials, herbs, gifts, NS
Specialty Perennials large selection, hardy plants, seeds, links, mail order, fact sheets, MN
Springbrook Gardens large bare-root perennial nursery, wholesale, retail, OH
Stokes Seeds large Canadian firm for vegetable and flower seeds, commercial and home
Sunshine Farm & Gardens unusual perennials, items
Swallowtail Garden Seeds vegetable, herb, flower, photos, online orders, So. CA


Territorial Seed Co. seeds, supplies, tools, books, online ordering, OR
Thompson and Morganseeds from Britain, many unusual
Trillium Gardens unusual perennials, grasses, bamboo, Ontario


Uncommon Ground perennials, photos, southern Ontario
Vesey's Seeds from PEI, Canada
Viette's Gardens large selection, gardens, information. VA
Viburnum Gardens roses, perennials, unusual plants, online catalog, Sydney, Australia
Virtual Seeds Co lots, many groupings, photos, online ordering OR
Vivaio Corazza unusual plants of the world, lots of succulents, photos, Italian and English
Waitoka Gardens and Nursery just that, perennials and woodies, online orders, NZ
Wayside Gardens the famous mail order, perenials, shrubs, more, SC
We-Du Nurseries perennials including unusual, few pictures, NC
Weird Dude's Plant Zoo large listing from alpines to tropicals, mail order, VA
West Coast Seeds for the Pacific NW, also supplies, online orders, BC
White Flower Farm famous mail order, online shopping also, CT
White House Perennials plants, information, mail order Canada and US, Ontario
Wild Wood Furniture outdoor and indoor rustic furniture from the forest, CA
Williams Perennial Gardenslarge selection, ordering, searching, good info, MA
Windrose trees, shrubs, perennials, PA
Wolf River Valley Farms theme gardens, herbs, perennials, online ordering, TN
Woodside Nursery good listing, plant information, ordering, WA
World Plant Shop the unusual from all parts of the world, photos, online orders, OR



Cabbages and Kings award-winning UK design services, display garden of Ryl Nowell
John Brookes design famous author, design services, garden photos, UK
Michael King author, designer, specialty of ornamental grasses
Water Lands creation, restoration of water features, UK and abroad


ACF Greenhouses small hobby greenhouses and kits, online orders, VA
Agri-infoa mail-order bookstore for agriculture and horticulture, Quebec, bilingual
Alpine Garden Art artistic sculptures for the garden, PA
AM Leonard extensive products, online orders lawn and patio section from famous etailer
Arbor and Bloom unusual tools and plants, online orders, CA
Backyard Greenhouses hobby houses, ships in N America, Ontario
Beyond the Garden Gate nature video, time lapse with music
Biocontrol Network products, information on biocontrol, not just plant pests, AZ
Biologische Pilze organic mushroom farm, supplies, information, some English, Germany
Book Pages online ordering from the UK
Brite Lite supplies for hydroponics, Quebec
Bug (The) Store online and mail orders for beneficial insects, info
Charley's Greenhouse and Garden Supply just that, online orders, retail store, WA
Clean Air Gardening Co. environmentally responsible products, reel mowers, TX
CMS Gardens greenhouses, tools, products, information, online orders, UK
Davenport House fine English garden and home products, FL
Deer Busters supplies and fencing for deer control in gardens and landscapes
Designs in Cooper garden copper accessories, VA
DJB Liberty steel hoseracks, tools, garden accessories from CA
Dripworks drip irrigation products Victorian style timber greenhouses, Suffolk, UK
English Hurdles all about and source for handmade woven withies (willow), UK
Evergreen Hydroponics fertilizer and supply source from the UK
Everlast Greenhouses and related products, ships in N America, BC
Folia wearable leaf-art jewelry, online orders, WA
Fungi Perfecti all you need to cultivate mushrooms
Garden Escape Perennial Pagemagazine, shopping, plant finder
Garden Expressions copper arbors, garden accessories, call to order, WA wealth of information, sources
Garden Styles greenhouses from MN
Garden Under Glass greenhouse supplier from NY state
Garden (The) Wheel plant selector color dial, from Garden Group
Gardener's Resource greenhouses, supplies, herbal products from AZ
Gardener's Supplylargest US mail order of supplies
Gardenmaster line of supplies for retailers
Gardenscape garden tools, accessories, enabling tools, Ontario
Gopher Control system from CA
Gyrosak new propagation product (air layering)
Hamilton Book a large selection including gardening
Harmony Farm and Garden Supply organic supplies, beneficial insects, related, CA
Harrod Horticultural gardening products and supplies, online orders, UK
Homegrown Hydroponics supplies and information from Ontario
Home Harvest earth-friendly online supplies, MD
Hortus Ornamenti fine handcrafted tools from the UK
Indian Ocean Trading large selection of outdoor teak furniture, UK
Kinsman Co. large selection of garden supplies, many unusual, online ordering
Lafayette Landscape Designs software
Lee Valley Tools extensive retail mail order to N America, online orders
Lost Art antique and recrafted garden furniture, UK
Magic Mushroom Garden Statuary inexpensive garden ornaments easily ordered, nice site, CA
Maine Made Christmas wreaths
Mariannas Garden flowers in jewelry in gold and silver, from the UK
Master Garden Products high quality, especially NW cedar, eco conscious, WA
Natural Gardening Company organic seeds, supplies, advice, CA
Natural Insect Control products for just that, online orders, ON
Norell software guide to mail-order nurseries
North Country Organics organic fertilizers, supplies, wholesale and retail, VT
Painted Garden nice garden structures
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply organic seeds, supplies, information, CA
Plantid new labels from MN
Rincon-Vitova biological controls for insects, not just for gardens
Rittenhouse tools for retail, wholesale, magazine, online orders
Santa Barbara greenhouses from redwood, CA
Scotts fertilizers, media, products such as Hyponex and MiracleGro
Smith and Hawkin lifestyle gardening supplies, online ordering
Standup Gardens raised garden beds for the less agile
Sundance Supply greenhouses, sunrooms, lots of info., online orders
Tender Seed Co. custom designed seed packet favors for functions
Terra Viva Organics organic advice, information, products, BC
Tylers Garden Centre extensive catalog, online ordering
Weed Bandit three garden tools from small firm
World's Garden large gardening products site
Worms Way organic gardening tools, info

Gateways to Sources

American Rose Society links to rose source sites
ASGAP Guide to Australian Plants nurseries worldwide, seed suppliers, related info
Canadian Garden Catalogs by general A-Z and speciality
Canadian Seed Directory extensive, by name or topic, from Canadian Gardening magazine
Cyndi's Catalog of Catalogs extensive listing of mail order and online, well organized
Daylily Search over 1650 varieties searchable from 5 growers
Gardening UK plants, products, seeds, services, other
Flowerlinkonline flower catalogs
Garden Catalogs List extensive plant listing, by topic
GardenGuides mail order resources by topic
GardenMart searchable for plants and products, newsletter, questions answered
Garden South stores in the upper South, locator, information
GardenWeb's Garden Bazaar directory to suppliers of all types, and links
Growise garden center chain, list of stores and locations
Horticultural Trades Association listings and links of wholesale and retail in the UK
Irish Garden Industry links to firms and related
Maryland Lawn and Landscape links to sources, services
New Zealand Gardens online directory of mail-order, links from Pike Nurseries, marketplace connecting industries, consumers, information searchable for plants, many sources, several countries worldwide
TerraNova retail source list for famous plant breeder, producer

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