Work in Progress

Malbouffe: mal taxee?, Invited article. Revue Francaise d'Economie. Numero special: Evaluation des Politiques Publiques. Forthcoming 2023.
Rational Addiction, Satiation, and Social Interactions, with Davide Dragone.
Peer Effects, Green Choices and Nudges
Food Consumption Choices with Bounded Rationality

Working Papers Under Review

Conspicuous Leisure, Time Allocation, and Obesity Kuznets Curves 02/09/2022 working paper, with Ronald Wendner.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Economic stress and body weight during the Covid-19 pandemic (2021), invited article, Studies in Microeconomics, Special Issue: COVID 19 Pandemic: Health Hazard, Nutrition and Food Security, DOI: 10.1111/joes.12458.
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Peer-Reviewed Book Chapter

Optimal Taxation and Inequality: A Comparative Study of the US and Latin America, (2011), in Progress in Economics Research, Nova Science Publishers, (24).