The Royal Game is an intermittent obsession of mine, unfortunately laying rather dormant at the moment due to time constraints. I will play in tournaments again someday, mark my words! In the meantime, check out the Chessbase website, where fanatics get their chess news.


Arguably the most ancient of currently existing strategy games, Go is a beautiful mix of science and art, logic and creativity. Unbeknownst to most westerners, Go is so huge in the far east that several countries (Japan for example) have television stations dedicated to it! I am just beginning to learn the game myself, but I'm already addicted. To learn about Go, visit the American Go Association and then try your hand at some go problems.


I fear I will never be as good at playing the guitar as I want to be, but that doesn't mean I won't keep trying! There's something about musical instruments that frees the soul... if you don't play one, learn! I own a beautiful Washburn jumbo, on which I most enjoy playing fingerstyle. If you play, try learning Blackbird, it's one of my favorites.