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UVM Inclusion

Advocates and allies for LGBTQ people and concerns are found in departments and offices across the university. Check out the links below to learn more about the many special programs, services, and opportunities.


If you're interested in learning more about UVM's efforts to become more inclusive for trans* students, staff, and faculty, check out our trans* info page.

UVM's fraternities and sororities have been involved in the campus LGBTQA community. Among other things, they have run an inclusive language campaign to raise awareness of hurtful and exclusive lagnuae and what to do about it, participated in the Outright VT Fire Truck Pull, and also volunteered at LGBTQA center events such as the Welcome Back Barbeque.

Cooperative Christian Ministry welcomes all as it strives to help build spiritual community; create safe and engaging environments for reflection, discussion, and action; plan and participate in opportunities that promote the connections between spiritual journeying and social justice making. CCM@UVM is dedicated to serving as a stimulus for the spiritual journey of UVM's students, staff, administration, and faculty and is a voice of conscience within the unversity community. CCM welcomes people of all genders, ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, ages, religions, and ablebodiedness. Contact:

The Vermont Connection is a peer-reviewed journal produced by UVM's Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program. Among the many topics the journal addresses, LGBT issues in higher education are frequently a topic of interest. The journal provides a searchable online archive.

UVM's athletics program has been active in creating an inclusive environment for its LGBTQ atheletes. These efforts have included providing single-person changing facilities for trans* students, honoring LGBTQA athletes, making intramural and club sports trans-inclusive, and participating in the You Can Play project's campaign to end homophobia in sports.

Name and Pronoun

UVM's student registration system allows students to choose a preferred name and pronoun, regardless of whether they've had a legal change of name. Among other things, this process will change the student's CATcard, class registrations, and grae reports. It is also possible to change one's email address and netID. See the Registrar's Name and Pronoun page for further information.

The UVM Women's Center supports all facets of women's lives — the social, professional, spiritual, physical, intellectual & emotional, to empower women and their allies to become active leaders and global citizens in their communities.

The Mosaic Center for Students of Color (MCSC) works to support the holistic development of the MCSC and Bi/Multi-racial students so they attain their goals for wellness, academic achievement, personal growth, identity formation, community building and cultural advancement.

UVM's Bailey/Howe library keeps an extensive collection of LGBTQ-related books, journals, and other text resources. Additionally, Bailey/Howe Media Collections keeps over 80 films related to LGBT issues.

Study Aborad and Office of International Education

UVM's Office of International Education gives LGBTQIA students the opprotunity to have an informed study aborad expereince, giving useful information to students and helping to answer any questions they may have. LGBTQIA students are also given the opprotunity to apply for scholarships to help with the financial aspect of studying abroad. See the Office of International Education's page for more information.

Campus Climate Survey

Every few years, the University conducts a Campus Climate Survey to gather information about the experiences of students on campus related to topics such as discrimination, multicultural competency, personal beliefs and attitudes, sexual harassment, physical access, work/life balance and harassment and bias. Among other things, the survey includes questions addressed to LGBT identities, racial and ethnic identities, and gender. The 2011 survey results are available online.

See more about the Survey >>

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