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Rally Cat at the LGBTQA CenterThe Campus Climate Index, created by Campus Pride, offers a checklist and rating system for colleges and universities. We're ranked 5 out of 5 stars. We are also ranked in The Advocate and Campus Pride's top 10 trans-friendly universities, and are proud members of the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resources Professionals. Here are some questions to consider that we think are important to queer students along with links to see how we measure up:

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If you want to know more about UVM's LGBTQA community or to talk to a student about what it's like to study here, email us. You can also stop by our office on an admitted students tour.


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Is there an LGBTQ office with paid staff?

Yes! The LGBTQA Center@UVM is UVM's LGBTQ services office. We are an office of UVM's Diversity and Equity Unit We're committed to building a respectful, friendly, inclusive community and learning environment for LGBTQ people at UVM. Our programs are intended to transform the UVM experience for LGBTQA affiliates into one that is safe, positive, and fully engaging.

Is there a vibrant presence of queer students on campus?

Yes! Queer students and their allies are all over campus. There are lots of people to meet, things to learn, and activities to do. UVM has everything from student groups to LGBTQ safe-space housing, and a busy calendar of LGBTQA events.

Is there a vibrant presence of queer faculty and staff?

Yes! We maintain a directory of LGBT staff & faculty.

Can I register with a preferred name and pronoun?

Yes! Since 2009, UVM has allowed students to select a preferred name and pronoun, even if the student hasn't had a legal name change. This name is used in all the University's internal systems such as class registration, housing, and grade reports. UVM is one of the first Universities to provide students this opportunity.

Are there gender neutral bathrooms?

Yes! UVM has at least 40 single-user gender-neutral bathrooms on campus, including in major buildings such as Waterman and the Davis Center. We maintain a list of these bathrooms.

Are there gender-neutral, safe-space, and/or LGBTQ-only housing options?

Yes! UVM provides multiple safe housing options for its LGBT students. These include a gender-neutral housing program in Wing-Davis-Wilks, a Living & Learning housing program, and the Rainbow Cottages on Trinity Campus.

Are there any queer student groups?

Yes! There are many LGBTQ groups on campus for UVM students. These include general-interest groups such as Free2Be (our GSA), as well as more specific groups such as Hearts Not Parts (our bi/pan group) and QPOC (our group for queer people of color).

Does UVM celebrate National Coming Out Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance and other queer activities and events?

Yes! UVM has celebrated National Coming Out Day since 1992 with a full week of LGBTQ events. We also recognize Transgender Day of Remembrance. In addition to these national events, we hold a full month of fabulous events every spring called LGBTQApril!

The LGBTQA Center@UVM also hosts three major events each year. At the beginning of the year, we have a Welcome Back "Family" BBQ for LGBTQA UVMers to chat and enjoy free food. At the end of each Fall semester, we hold the Home For The Holidays non-denominational holiday dinner, so that the UVM community can celebrate the holidays in an LGBTQ-affirming environment. At the end of each academic year, we hold an LGBTQAwards & Rainbow Graduation ceremony, at which outstanding LGBTQA UVM students, staff, & faculty are given awards in recognition of their achievements, and LGBTQA graduates are given rainbow stoles for their graduation ceremony.

Does UVM have an inclusive non-discrimination policy for students, faculty and staff?

Yes! UVM has included sexual orientation in its nondsicrimination policies since 1987, and the state of Vermont implemented a state-wide law in 1992. In 2005, UVM added gender identity to its non-discrimination policy as well. The State of Vermont extended their own nondiscrimination law to cover gender identity in 2007.

Does UVM offer a Women's and Gender Studies degree or program?

Yes! UVM has a Women's and Gender Studies Program, offering a major and minor in women's and gender studies. Since 2005, the department has also offered a minor in Sexuality and Gender Identity Studies.

Is there a Women's Center?

Yes! UVM's Women's Center supports all facets of women's lives -- the social, professional, spiritual, physical, intellectual & emotional. They empower women and their allies to become active leades and global clitizens in their communities. The Center advocates, educates and provides direct service and resources in support of gender equity and safety.

How well are students of color represented?

UVM has an office specifically devoted to serving the needs of students of color, the Mosaic Center for Students of Color (MCSC). This office of UVM's Diversity & Equity Unit is devoted to supporting the holistic development of the MCSC and Bi/Multi-racial students so they attain their goals for wellness, academic achievement, personal growth, identity formation, community building and cultural advancement. Additionally, D&E has offices devoted to Abenaki students and multicultural social justice, along with an Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunities Office.

In addition to these University offices, UVM has student groups for students of color, including QPOC (queer people of color), a Black Student Union, an Asian American Student Union, and Alianza Latina.

How accessible is UVM for students with disabilities?

UVM has a disability services office called ACCESS devoted to helping all students with documented disabilities succeed in higher education. ACCESS can offer many different accomodations ranging from Deaf and hard-of-hearing services, to class note-takers, to wheelchair-accessible housing. The office covers both physical and mental disabilities.

Is there a comprehensive queer lending library?

Yes! The LGBTQA Center keeps a Resource Lending Library in the Allen House, with over 500 LGBTQ-related books, magazines, and videos. Our catalog is available online. Any UVM affiliate can check out books. In addition to our library, UVM's Bailey/Howe Library also has an extensive collection of of books related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and women's studies.

Does student health insurance cover hormones or transition-related surgery?

Student health insurance at UVM does not cover transition-related surgery, but does cover some other aspects of transition-related healthcare. The Center for Health and Wellbeing maintains a page of information on trans* healthcare.

Do faculty and staff insurance cover same-sex couples or marriages?

Yes! UVM provides the same benefits package to same-sex couples as it would to heterosexual marriages.

Are there any diversity commissions?

Yes! UVM has a President's Commission on LGBT Equity. There are also commissions dedicated to diversity & inclusion, UVM women, racial diversity, and social change.

Is there a transparent process for reporting discrimination & bias?

Yes! UVM has established a procedure for reporting discrimination & bias incidents. If the incident occurs off-campus, the Burlington Police Department investigates hate crimes in Burlington.

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