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LGBTQA Center Advocacy

Affirming@UVM card

"To be afraid is to behave as if the truth is not true."
- Bayard Rustin

Need help with advocacy?

If you you would like to learn more about being advocate for LGBTQ people on campus, contact the LGBTQA Center. We can help you to learn about LGBTQ identities, familiarize yourself with the University's programs and services, and point you toward resources at UVM and in the wider community.


When UVM students, staff, and faculty members tell us about problems they've encountered, we work with offices and organizations throughout the University to change UVM's systems and processes and find ways for UVm to work better for our LGBTQA community.

Past partnerships have included:

Eliminating Bias

The Center is an integral part of UVM's efforts to eliminate discrimination and bias. If you are a target of bias on-campus, contact Police Services to report it. If you don't understand the process or would like help talking to police services, we can help you report the incident.


The Center distributes several publications to the LGBTQA community, including a 411 with lsits of local LGBTQ resources, and an affirming card for LGBTQA-affirming UVMers to display.

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