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Building LGBTQA Community

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"Without community there is no liberation."
- Audre Lorde

Community is essential to LGBTQ empowerment, visibility, and support. Community is where you turn to find people to rely on, and where you look for a sense of family and belonging. When you connect with community, issues important to your life come into focus, and you can help make UVM, and the world, a better place.

Community events

We host three large events each year where the purpose is to create space for LGBTQA people at UVM to connect with each other and enjoy a sense of family and community. You won't want to miss the Welcome Back Family BBQ in September, the Home for the Holidays Community Dinner in December, or the Rainbow Graduation and LGBTQAwards in May. Every year at the Welcome Back Family BBQ we collect student-submitted designs for the National Coming Out Day t-shirts distributed every October with the help of UVM Student Life. Reserve your 2013 NCOW t-shirt here.

Community groups

We provide support to LGBTQ related community groups, like UVM's QTPOC (Queer and Trans People of Color) social group, Hearts Not Parts Bi/Pan social group, Guy Talk Gay/Bi/Trans men's social group, Free to Be LGBTQA student government sponsored club, L/L's LGBTQA Collaborative, and the Rainbow Cottage on Trinity Campus.


We work hard on communication to help LGBTQA people at UVM stay informed and in touch with each other. To keep you connected we manage a LGBTQA Facebook Group, listservs, and a LGBTQA@UVM Twitter feed. To keep you informed we publish the QNEWS e-newsletter and news feed.


Collaboration helps to build community, so we work with groups and offices throughout UVM and the Burlington area on: Bisexual Awareness Day, LGBT History Month, National Coming Out Week, Trans Day of Remembrance, LGBT Health Awareness Week, LGBTQApril, and co-sponsoring LGBTQ-related events for other identity months (e.g., Black History Month, Women's History Month, and Latino Heritage Month).

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