City Hall (1927)

By AdriennBurlington City Halle Dickerson

Eras are defined by their achievements and failures, and the golden age of the 1920s was no different. Beginning with an emotional and economic high resulting from victory in World War I and ending in absolute antithesis with the stock market crash of 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression, the “Roaring 1920s” were a time of incredible growth and development. More...

Central Fire Station (1926)

By Gabrielle Fernandez

Central Fire StationBurlington, like many cities both big and small, was expanding during the 1920s. Its fire and public safety personnel were growing, just as those they were sworn to protect were flocking to the bustling commercial city. For these public servants, they were witnessing a change in an era. Within the previous two decades technological advances in the firefighting field had transformed the profession. More...

Ira Allen Chapel (1927)

By Austin White

Ira Allen ChapelConceived in 1924 with completion and dedication three years later, the University of Vermont’s Ira Allen Chapel is an architectural icon sited facing the University Green on the corner of University Place and Colchester Avenue. It has hosted commencements, lectures, and cultural performances for the student body and the Burlington community and beyond for nearly ninety years. Viewed at ground level, the chapel exhibits a colossal presence. Viewed from afar, its prominent tower serves as a beacon, illuminating a path toward academic and intellectual achievement and enlightenment. More...

Junior High School (1926)

By Jake Collins

Junior High schoolBy 1922, Burlington was in dire need of a new Junior High school building. The Health Board had deemed their current accommodations, which were erected in 1871 on College Street, unsuitable for educational purposes due to overcrowding and the building’s light deficiency, lack of ventilation, and insufficient plumbing system. More...

Memorial Auditorium (1928)

By Emma Haggerty

Memorial AuditoriumDuring the four years that Dr. Clarence Beecher was mayor of Burlington, the city experienced a wave of redevelopment. The results of the decisions he made during his 1925–1929 term are still seen in downtown today. One important historic building that can be atttributed to Mayor Beecher’s leadership is Memorial Auditorium. However its construction began with a very dramatic start. Indeed, from 1925 to its completion in 1928, Memorial Auditorium was frequently making the headlines of the Burlington Free Press for its design, construction and cost, often prompting public outcries or endorsements from local residents. More...

About the Project

This study of Burlington, Vermont's important local landmarks from the 1920s was produced by University of Vermont historic preservation graduate students in the HP 206 Researching Historic Structures and Sites course during the fall 2016 semester. The research project was coordinated by the course instructor, Professor Thomas D. Visser, director of the UVM Historic Preservation Program. Previous student research projects produced in this course are published at the Historic Burlington Project website.