Classes Taught at UVM

Welcome, colleagues and students. The links below will take you to the pages for the classes I am teaching at the University of Vermont. You are welcome to download the presentations for use in your own classes or studies, as I have benefitted from others in the academic community who have made their materials available. Please let me know if you find any particular sections, descriptions, or figures to be particularly useful or confusing - I am constantly updating and trying to improve these lectures. For those outside UVM, our numbering system is unusual - 100 level classes are intermediate/advanced undergrad, 200 is advanced undergrad/ beginning graduate level, and 300 is graduate only level.

GEOL 110 - Earth Materials

GEOL 172 - Regional Geology, Geological Investigations in Italy (2006)

GEOL 135 - Introduction to Geochemistry

GEOL 235 - Geochemistry of Natural Waters

GEOL 295 - Geomicrobiology

GEOL 295 - Medical Geology

GEOL 371 - Environmental Aqueous Chemistry

HCOL 195 - Geology's intersection with health: Interpreting scientific evidence and how it impacts medical, policy, and legal cases