GEOL 371 - Aqueous Environmental Geochemistry            Spring 2007

Welcome!  This page will contain all online and supplementary materials for our class - check in for updated lecture files, homework assignments, papers, etc.


Click here for a link to a page if you need some refreshing on logarithms or manipulation of exponents - many of the problems we will be working on this semester will require you to be proficient at this!!

Click here to download a copy of the Chemical Kinetics Simulator from IBM

Click here to download a copy of the USGS program for geochemical modeling, PHREEQC (I suggest downloading the interactive version for PC, PhreeqcI)


Lecture 1 - Thermodynamics intro

Lecture 2 - Thermodynamic data and error

Lecture 3 - Kinetics Intro

Lecture 4 - Mineral dissolution/precipitation kinetics

Lecture 5 - Aqueous Complexation

Lecture 6 - Activity and Activity Coefficient calculations

Lecture 7 - Acid-base Geochemistry

Lecture 8 - Carbonate Geochemistry

Lecture 9 - Redox Geochemistry

Lecture 10 - Sorption