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REU Calendar:
Interdisciplinary Research on Human Impacts in the Lake Champlain Ecosystem

REU 2016 Timetable

February 5: Deadline for receipt of all application materials. If application is incomplete (includes reference letters), the applicant will not be considered further.

February 24 - March 4: Offers will be made to prospective REU students during this period. A wait-list will be maintained until all offers have been accepted or declined. Students receiving offers will be required to accept or decline the offer within one week. Failure to respond within this time will be considered a decline. All applicants will be notified when all positions have been accepted.

April: Participants communicate with their team member (another REU student) and mentors to discuss and plan research for the summer.

May: Participants complete online training modules for laboratory safety and responsible conduct for research, employment paperwork, a pre-program assessment, and other paperwork as necessary.

May 31: Participants arrive in Burlington, move into GreenHouse Residential Living Center, and attend evening cookout to informally kick off the program and meet mentors.

June 1: Students participate in a one-day orientation that includes an official welcome, campus and library tours, pick up of student ID cards, and completion of any remaining paperwork in the morning. In the afternoon, students will receive a tour of the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory, a waterfront tour of Burlington on the research vessel Melosira, and an overview of the REU program.

June 2-3: Participants will receive reading assignments relevant to their research area(s), meet with faculty mentors and affiliated post-docs and graduate students to discuss their research projects, and participate in the “Think Like A Scientist” program to prepare for their research project, develop professional skills, and help inform career choices.

June 6: Participants work with their team member and mentors to conduct research, continue attending the “Think Like A Scientist” program, participate in weekly journal club on interdisciplinary research, and an “after hours” seminar to discuss career paths with a different REU mentor each week. During the third week of the program, students will orally present their research topic (background, hypotheses, methods, and expected outcomes) to the REU community to generate feedback to help refine their approach as necessary.

August 1-4: Students will present their results orally or as a poster at our research summit. Additionally, the REU cohort will be asked to organize a synthetic presentation, panel discussion, or other presentation style to tie their individual projects into an overarching view of the interaction among human activities, societal structures, and the lake ecosystem. Students also complete post-program assessment and exit interviews.

August 5: Students depart.

August 19: Students submit a final report of their research in the form of a manuscript to their mentor and the REU principal investigator.

Fall 2016: Students are encouraged to continue to work on their research to present at a regional or national conference, and to generate a manuscript for submission to scientific journal.

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