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Rubenstein Lab REU 2014 cohort

REU 2014 Cohort

Meet the REU 2014 Cohort and follow their experiences throughout the summer.

  • Introduction to Lake Champlain on the R/V Melosira

  • Cookout with interns from Vermont EPSCoR's Research on Adaptation to Climate Change program

  • Learning how to lead effective discussions at UVM's Center for Teaching and Learning

  • 2014 REU Cohort in front of the R/V Melosira

  • Dong Yi working in the lab

  • Bret and Jing collaborating

  • Nathan presents his research to the group on Proposal Presentation Day

  • Dong Yi presents her research on Proposal Presentation Day

  • Proposal Presentation Day

  • Proposal Presentation Day: Liv Herdman and REU student Maggie

  • Edwin conducting research in the lab

  • Science writing workshop

  • Picking up bikes for the summer

  • REU students tackle a Ben & Jerry's Vermontster!

  • REU students successfully tackle a Ben & Jerry's Vermonster!

Meet the 2014 REU Cohort

  • Dong Yi ChenDong Yi Chen
    School: University of Michigan
    Graduation year: 2018
    "The last two weeks had been extremely busy as we were preparing for our poster and presentation. We tasted the fruit of our productivity when we had our research symposium on Wednesday when everyone was eager to share his/her results with everyone else." Read more...
  • Edwin GonzálezEdwin González
    School: Universidad del Turabo
    Graduation year: 2015
    "This two weeks have been very stressful, we have had a lot of work. Despite all the work, I think that these past two weeks have been the most that I have enjoy. We did our public presentations and our poster presentation and they were all great. I had a great summer, I learned a lot, I'm very grateful to have had this experience." Read more...
  • Jing HeJing He
    School: Middlebury College
    Graduation year: 2017
    "I can't believe the ten weeks is over now! The last two weeks have definitely been the most busy--we had results to finalize, presentations to prepare for, and posters to make. And of course, we needed to do as much as we could in Burlington before leaving!" Read more...
  • Julia LeesJulia Lees
    School: Colorado College
    Graduation year: 2017
    "The last two weeks have been crazy, | I haven’t had a chance to be lazy | The poster I made the night before it was due | And many nights I was working til two" Read more...
  • Ciara LowCiara Low
    School: Brown University
    Graduation year: 2014
    "The past two weeks have flown. I spent the majority of this time running regression models, trying to compile and analyse results, and putting everything together into a somewhat meaningful and coherent presentation." Read more...
  • Maggie McHughMaggie McHugh
    School: Ohio State University
    Graduation year: 2015
    "This final week at UVM has been an exciting and nostalgic week. It is hard to believe that 10 weeks has gone by so fast, and that I have made such great friends so quickly. While we are all excited to get our data and analyze it, we are also sad because we know this means the program is coming to an end." Read more...
  • Evan NathanEvan Nathan
    School: Skidmore College
    Graduation year: 2015
    "Looking back at this summer, I've learned a ton. I've never had such an accurate picture of what it's like to do research at a high level. I've learned what I like, and just as importantly, what I don't." Read more...
  • Monisha SuglaMonisha Sugla
    School: Rutgers University
    Graduation year: 2016
    "The past two weeks have been so stressful and busy beyond belief! I have no idea where the time has gone. I am so relieved that all of my data has been processed and the poster has been completed. The research symposium went well and it was exciting to present our research to people." Read more...
  • Nathan TillotsonNathan Tillotson
    School: Murray State University
    Graduation year: 2016
    "These last two weeks have held some of the most fun, and most stressful times of my life. I've had so many great experiences in the process of wrapping up my project, and the research symposium went extremely well." Read more...
  • Bret TurnerBret Turner
    School: Penn State University
    Graduation year: 2015
    "I cannot believe that my time here at UVM has ended! This experience has been no less than fantastic. Our final two weeks were packed full of preparations for our final presentations which went very well. I learned quite a bit just by listening to the other interns present their research." Read more...

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