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This journal is that of the USA Cross Examination Debate Association. The volume 24, 2003 edition features a forum on gaming and debate. The articles were severely cut due to space concerns. This site offers the complete versions of the articles. They are available as Word files. Many thanks to Brian McGee for his work on this project.

Alfred Snider, "Gamemaster: Is it you?"

David Frank, "The pedagogy and the politics of solipsism."

Alfred Snider, "The hunter gets captured by the game: reply to Frank."

Maxwell Schnurer, "Gaming as control: will to power, the prison of debate and a game called potlatch."

Alfred Snider, "Paris nocturne: reply to Schnurer."

Ede Warner, "Go homers, makeovers and takeovers? A privilege analysis of debate as a gaming simulation."

Alfred Snider, "Small axe: reply to Warner."

Steve Woods, "Changing the game? Embracing the advocacy standard."

Alfred Snider, "Judgment day: reply to Woods."