I am a graduate student of Mathematics at the University of Vermont and a Data Scientist. My background is variegated in the arts and sciences. In particular I have studied theater, writing, visual art, psychology, chemistry, biology, ecology and of course math. I've also been writing software since middle school. When I'm not researching I train tennis, running, biking, etc.

Professionally I've built wireless sensor networks in Panama, predicted crop yields in different countries, developed webapps, and most recently learned from text via natural language processing. For specifics you can visit my Linked In profile.


I'm working with Dr. Christian Skalka and Dr. Josh Bongard to quantify the amount of fresh water stored in snowpack in the Sierra mountains using satellite / LiDAR data and Machine Learning / Genetic Programming methods.


College Algebra

College Algebra considers elementary functions and the associated algebraic tools used to study them. We can model quite a bit of the world using only the concepts introduced in this course! Throughout our study of this material I'll be providing examples of what I mean by "modeling the world". You can find the syllabus here.

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Read for 8/31/16 - Chapter R: R.1, R.2 (skip scientific notation), R.4

Read for 9/7/16 - Chapter 1: 1.1

Read for 9/14/16 - Chapter 1: 1.2

Read for 9/19/16 - Chapter 1: 1.3

Read for 9/19/16 - Chapter 1: 1.4

Read for 9/21/16 - Chapter 1: 1.5

Read for 10/03/16 - Chapter 1: 1.6

Read for 10/05/16 - Chapter 2: 2.1

Read for 10/07/16 - Chapter 2: 2.2

Read for 10/18/16 - Chapter 2: 2.3

Read for 10/20/16 - Chapter 2: 2.4

Read for 10/26/16 - Chapter 2: 2.5

Read for 10/31/16 - Chapter 2: 3.1


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