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a research project conducted by the
University of Vermont
Geography Department
What is this research about?
Why do some Vermont youth choose to stay in Vermont as adults?  What factors push or pull youth to leave the state?  Who returns to Vermont to settle down and why?
This project aims to investigate these questions by asking former Vermont high school students about their experiences since leaving school.  

Who can participate in this research?
-anyone who was a resident of Vermont or lived in Vermont while attending a private or public high school,
-any former Vermont high school student who attended a public school in a neighboring state (such as VT students who attended Hanover High School in New Hampshire)

The survey will be available from March 20 - April 15, 2014  

What will happen to the information?
The survey is anonymous.  The survey disconnects all responses from identifying information.  You may choose to give us your name if you are willing to be contacted by a researcher with more detailed questions. The researchers will make the results of this survey available in a summary report, posted on this site, and elsewhere, and will use the data to write articles about rural youth outmigration in the United States.

Who are we?
We are a team of Vermont researchers from the University of Vermont and Norwich University, representing different academic disciplines. Each of us graduated from a Vermont high school.  We decided to conduct this research as a multidisciplinary research in order to fill the gap of knowledge about those who stay, leave, and return to Vermont over time.

Cheryl Morse, PhD,       Geography Department, University of Vermont    (Woodstock Union High School, 1985)
Jill Mudgett, PhD,           Independent History Scholar     (Spaulding High School, 1990)
Seth Marineau, EdD,     Education Department, Norwich University    (Peoples Academy, 1995)
Wendy Fuller, PhD,        Sociology Department, Norwich University    (Harwood Union High School, 2001)
Sohier Perry,                  Geography Department, University of Vermont Class of 2014    (Hanover High School, 2008)

Pass on the survey
Please feel free to pass this link on to other former Vermont high school students, of any age, wherever they may presently live.  

More information:
Please contact Cheryl Morse at UVM for more information about this project.

If you have additional questions or concerns about this research project, you may contact the Research Protections Office at the University of Vermont, (802) 656-5040 telephone or Director Nancy Stalnaker at nancy.stalnaker@uvm.edu.