Dr. Bryan Ballif
               University of Vermont
               Department of Biology
        311 Marsh Life Science Building
                Burlington, VT 05405
                    (802) 656-1389

             Email: bballif@uvm.edu

 Doctoral and Postdoctoral Training

Postdoctoral Fellow (2003-2006)

Department of Cell Biology,

Harvard Medical School

Dr. Steven P. Gygi, advisor

Postdoctoral Fellow (2001-2003)

Division of Basic Sciences,

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Dr. Jonathan A. Cooper, advisor


Harvard University

Department of Cell Biology,

Harvard Medical School

Dr. John Blenis, advisor

 Research Interests

    Research in the Ballif lab is primarily focused on elucidating molecular mechanisms of signal transduction with two major emphases:
(A) genetically-defined signaling pathways regulating vertebrate brain development and (B) core signaling  pathways regulating cell proliferation, growth and survival. In addition to biochemical and cell biological approaches, we employ mass spectrometry-based proteomics as a primary tool to identify and quantitatively monitor proteins, their modifications and their interactions with other proteins following acute signal administration or across developmental stages. We are also using zebrafish, drawing on the expertise of our sister lab headed by Alicia Ebert, as an organismal model system to study signaling pathways regulating development, particularly neuronal positioning.
    A second focus of our work involves developing and applying proteomic methodology to advance diverse lines of biological inquiry, some of which have had little to no interface with proteomics. This makes these projects both exciting and challenging. These collaborative projects range from the identification of novel human blood group antigens; to the identification of host proteins that interact with arenavirus proteins; to proteomic characterizations of pitcher plant ecosystems, ants, and Chagas Disease vector blood meals.      

 Thanks to our Funding Sources
*NIH--The Vermont Genetics Network (the INBRE program of NIGMS), The COBRE program of NIGMS, DHHS

*NSF--Divisions: IOS, DBI and DEB
*UVM--the Department of Biology, the College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of the VP of Research

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Lab Members Presenting their work at Conferences:

Summer Neuroscience Research Fellowship (SNURF) Poster Session (clockwise from top left): Mady Chlebowski, Warren Yacawych, Lotte Kearns and Fabiola Pagan.

2018 Federation of European Biochemical Societies, Prague, Czech Republic. Riley St. Clair delivers a talk:

2018 Experimental Biology/Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, San Diego, CA.
Clockwise from top left: Riley St. Clair, Anna Schmoker, Riley and Anna, Riley St. Clair.

2018 Northeast Society for Developmental Biology in Woods Hole, MA.
Clockwise from top left: 
Alicia Ebert, Helaina Stergas, Bryan Ballif, Caroline Dumas, Ashley Waldron and Kristen D'Elia; Michelle Lunde and Karen Hinkle; Helaina Stergas; Caroline Dumas; and Kristen D'Elia.

Neuroscience Behavior and Health-Vermont Chapter for the Society for Neuroscience Conference at UVM, 2018.
Clockwise from top left: Sarah Emerson, Brendan Chandler,
Riley St. Clair, Ashley Waldron and Claire Wilcox, and Helaina Stergas.

2017 Northeast Society for Developmental Biology in Woods Hole, MA.
Clockwise from top left: Ashley Waldron, Sarah Emerson, Anna Schmoker, Helaina Stargas, Brendan Chandler and Riley St. Clair

Neuroscience Behavior and Health-Vermont Chapter for the Society for Neuroscience Conference at UVM, 2017.
Left to Right (top left): Riley St. Clair, Sarah Emerson, Ashley Waldron and Marion Weir

Pre-College Internship Symposium and Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SNURF) Symposium at UVM.
Left to Right: Riley St. Clair, Leishla Prez, Bryan Ballif, Abbey Lasseigne and Alicia Ebert

Society for Developmental Biology 2015 in Snowbird, Utah
Attendees and Presenters: Riley St. Clair, Ashley Waldron, Sarah Emerson, Alicia Ebert and Bryan Ballif

International Society for Blood Transfusion (ISBT) 2015 in London, England, UK

Clockwise from top left: Liam Kelley in front of the ISBT program panel (Liam and Bryan gave talks).
Bryan and Liam join colleagues Neelu, Tapasree Goswami and Abir Mukerjee for fish and chips.
Federer/Liam enjoys Wimbledon, and Liam at the Thames.

UVM Student Research Conference 2015

Top Panels (left to right): Ryan Joy, Jaye Grundy, Liam Kelley, Marion Weir and Riley St. Clair;
Sarah Emerson, Sarah Light, Ashley Waldron, Erin Wysolmerski (Ebert Lab)
Middle Panels  (left to right): Jaye Grundy, Hannah Johnson, Ryan Joy and Liam Kelley
Bottom Panels (left to right): Amanda Northrop; Amanda Meyer and Katie Miller (Helms Cahan Lab colloborators);
John Gonzalez, Jenna Todero and Ben Flinn (Deming Lab)

Experimental Biology 2015, Boston, MA

Clockwise from top left: Paula Deming and Marion Weir; Ryan Joy, Marion Weir and Paula Deming; Karen Hinkle and Marion Weir; Marion Weir and Ryan Joy.

Vermont Chapter for the Society of Neuroscience/UVM NBH Forum 2015

From left:
Bryan Ballif, Ashley Waldron, Sarah Emerson, Riley St. Clair, Sarah Light, Marion Weir, Erin Wysolmerski and Alicia Ebert

Session talk by Riley St. Clair (above) and Poster Presentations (clockwise from top left below):

Ashley Waldron, Sarah Light, Marion Weir, Erin Wysolmerski

NE Society for Developmental Biology 2014 (Woods Hole, MA) From left: Riley St. Clair, Erin Wysolmerski, Marion Weir and Ryan Joy.

UVM/NSF REU Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellowship Conference 2015:

Left to right: Sierra Bruno, Alicia Ebert, Kori Williams, Sarah Light, Riley St. Clair, Erin Wysolmerski and Bryan Ballif

UVM 2014 Student Research Conference. Clockwise from top left: Rachael Bassett, Erin Wysolmerski, Riley St. Clair, Jon Karp, Marion Weir and Ryan Joy.

VT Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience 2014:

Zebrafish Alley--in collaboration with Alicia Ebert (left to right): Erin Wysolmerski, Ryan Joy and Rachael Bassett.

UVM/NSF REU Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellowship Conference 2014:

Left to right: Rachael Bassett, Marion Weir, Kristen D'Elia, Alicia Ebert and Bryan Ballif

UVM 2013 Student Research Conference:

Left to right: Peter Doubleday, Marion Weir, Jon Karp and Bryan Ballif

Karen and Zac at the VGN Career Day Conference

Peter at the HUPO 2012 conference.

Bryan presenting Mujeeb's and Bior's posters at the HUPO 2012 conference.

Peter, Marion (above) and Miranda (below) at the UVM Student Research Conference 2012.

Mujeeb presenting at ASMS 2011 in Denver, CO.

Rima presenting at the 2011 Signal Transduction Gordon Research Conference in Lewiston, ME.

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