About Me

northrop2I am a graduate student in the Gotelli and Ballif labs at the University of Vermont.  My research focuses aquatic communities, how they change during state changes, and how these changes can be applied to predicting and ultimately preventing dramatic shifts in ecosystems. I use the aquatic ecosystem found within the leaves of Sarracenia purpurea as a model system. Ultimately, I hope to apply my research techniques to larger aquatic ecosystems, such as lakes and ponds to predict and prevent accelerated eutrophication and toxic algal blooms.

My interest in aquatic systems piqued during a summer job with the state of Vermont where I worked for a citizen science program called the Lay Monitoring Program.  Volunteers for the LMP take water quality samples at regular intervals over the summer months from about 40 lakes and ponds in Vermont, including the beautiful Lake Champlain.  During my time with the LMP, I got to see how important our water resources are and how much they mean to our state and others worldwide.  I hope to convey this importance through the work I do with other scientists, students, and the public.

When I’m not wearing my graduate student hat, I enjoy playing the fiddle, gardening, camping, hiking, contra dancing, photography, and spending time with my wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, and our quirky cats.

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