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UVM Self-Study Narratives by Standard with Committee Co-Chairs

Access the individual narratives from the UVM Self-Study in pdf format by clicking the links below;

Standard 1: Mission and Purposes:
Co-chairs: Cathy Paris and Sharon Reich Paulsen

Standard 2: Planning and Evaluation
Co-chairs: Scott Thomas and Alberto Citarella

Standard 3: Organization and Governance
Co-chairs: Cathy Paris and Sharon Reich Paulsen

Standard 4: The Academic Program
Co-chairs: Bill Falls and Cynthia Forehand

Standard 5: Students
Co-chairs: Annie Stevens and Abigail McGowan

Standard 6: Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship
Co-chairs: Jim Vigoreaux and Kelley DiDio

Standard 7: Institutional Resources
Co-chairs: Polly Parsons and Al Turgeon

Standard 8: Educational Effectiveness
Co-chairs: Laura Hill and Eileen Cichoskikelly

Standard 9: Integrity, Transparency, and Public Disclosure
Co-chairs: Tessa Lucey and Amanda Waite

The standards for accreditation are determined by the accrediting body, NECHE.

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