All tutors are trained to support students writing in any field and for different purposes.

Students wanting a tutor with a specific concentration can use this guide and then consult our appointment schedule for tutor availability.

Animal Science

Alma S


Alma S, Cameron P, Eliza B, Emma P, Emory G, Sadie P, Veronica I


Eamon D, Sadie P, Sebastian C, Zoe A

Art & Art History

Adeline F, Annika L, Eamon D, Sebastian C, Maya P


Cate R, Eliza B, Ellie B, Nadia H, Ollie M, Violet W


Emma P, Evelyn H


Eliza B, Nadia H, Ollie M


Sebastian C, Symaira E

Communication Sciences

Sydney D


Lily S, Sarah S


Amelia C, David R, Max T


Alma S, Izzy W, Lily S, Maddie L, Max L, Sarah S, Sydney D

English (Creative Writing)

Alma S, Amelia C, Annika L, Antonio P, Carolyn D, Cole B, Eamon D, Eliza B, Evelyn H, Lexi D, Lily S, Maddie L, Nina P, Quinn H, Sadie P, Sam S, Sarah S, Sebastian C, Sydney D, Symaira E, Veronica I, Zoe A

English (Literature)

Adeline F, Alma S, Annika L, Antonio P, Carolyn D, Cole B, Eamon D, Evelyn H, Lexi D, Lily S, Maddie L, Max L, Maya P, Nina P, Noah A, Quinn H, Sadie P, Sam S, Sebastian C, Suzannah B, Sydney D, Veronica I, Zoe A

Environmental Science

Alma S, Danielle D, Izzy W

Environmental Studies

Alma S, Emory G, Izzy W, Lexi D

Film and Television Studies

Alma S, Emma W, Jane B, Maya P

French Culture/Studies

Nina P, Veronica I

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Alma S, Cole B, Emory G, Lily S, Maya P


Alma S, Cameron P, Jane B, 

HCOL Seminars

Carolyn D, David R, Eliza B, Ellie B, Lexi D, Lily S, Lola B, Maya P, Nina P, Ollie M, Sadie P, Sam S, Sarah S, Shelby R, Suzannah B, Veronica I, Zoe A

Health Sciences

Alma S, Amelia H, Cate R, Ellie B, Nadia H, Sadie P, Sydney D, Violet W


Alma S, Emma W, Ethan B, Ian L, Jane B, Maya P, Meghan H, Sebastian C, Zoe A

Human Development and Family Studies

Alma S, Lily S


See Reporting & Documentary Storytelling

Lab Reports

Alma S, Cate R, Eliza B, Ellie B, Nadia H


Sebastian C, Sydney D


Alma S, Eliza B


Sebastian C, Veronica I

Natural Resources

Alma S, Izzy W, Lexi D


Eliza B, Nadia H

Nutrition/Food Sciences

Cate R, Eliza B

Personal Statements

Alma S, Amelia C, Cole B, Eliza B, Izzy W, Maddie L, Sadie P, Veronica I, Zoe A


Antonio P, Cole B, Izzy W, Jack P, Meghan H, Sadie P

Political Science

Alma S, Cole B, David R, Ian L, Jack P, Noah A, Sadie P, Shelby R, Suzannah B, Veronica I


Adeline F, Alma S, Carolyn D, Eliza B, Lola B, Nadia H, Sadie P, Sarah S, Symaira E


Alma S, Amelia H

Reporting & Documentary Storytelling

Alma S, Izzy W, Meghan H

Resource Ecology

Alma S, Izzy W


Alma S, Amelia C, Eliza B, Izzy W, Maddie L, Maya P, Nadia H, Sadie P, Sebastian C, Veronica I


Alma S, Lola B, Meghan H, Sadie P, Suzannah B

Spanish Culture/Studies

Ellie B, Sadie P, Sebastian C


Alma S, Nadia H, Sadie P

Appointment Information

Appointment Information


We are open Sunday through Friday, from the second week of classes through the last day of classes, each fall and spring semester; we are closed during the summer.  See the appointment calendar for available times.

Tutoring Location

Ground Floor of Howe Library: Down the main stairway and to the right, or take the Circulation elevator down, turn left and follow straight past main stairway..

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