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Smart Pens

LiveScribe Smart Pen with Audio

(LiveScribe Pulse Pen Website)

Livescribe Pulse Pens enable students to take synced notes with audio recording at the same time. This means that a student is able to see what notes they took during a corresponding audio segment. Notes and audio (known as a "Pencast") can easily be uploaded to your computer, tablet, or phone, and shared with others via Facebook, Google Docs, email, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote.

Livescribe Pens also have translation capability as well as thesaurus and dictionary services. Apps can be downloaded to increase the pens versatility. For tutorials, videos and more information, visit the LiveScribe Website.

IRIS Smart Pen

(IRIS Notes Website)

IRIS smart pens serve a simple purpose. They record your handwritten notes and turn them into text on your computer. They are simple to use, have very minimal equipment, and are great for meetings and classes alike. For tutorials, videos and more information visit the IRIS Notes Website.

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