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The Socially Responsible Investing Advisory Council (SRIAC) is a group of students, faculty, staff, and administrators that makes recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration on sustainability investment at the University of Vermont, including positive investments of operating cash reserves and the Sustainable Campus Fund.

Investments of Operating Cash Reserves

In drafting recommendations to the Vice President for Finance related to operating cash reserves, the SRI Advisory Council looks for opportunities related to positive investments by considering investments in funds based on ethical, moral, and socially responsible criteria using Our Common Ground, in addition to research conducted with the support of the Coordinator of Sustainable Funds.

Administration of the Sustainable Campus Fund

The SRIAC reviews proposals and make recommendations to the Vice President for Finance on the funding of projects by the SCF. Funding proposals are submitted to the SRIAC in three project categories: Infrastructure, Academics and Co-Curricular Activities, and Research. Each spring semester, the SRIAC holds a series of town meetings to get campus community input on the proposed projects. Based on this feedback, the SRIAC makes a recommendation for funding to the Vice President for Finance for approval and implementation. Learn more about the Sustainable Campus Fund.

Other Investment Issues

The SRI Advisory Council serves as a resource to conduct research on issues related to proxy voting, shareholder initiatives, and screening and monitoring the University’s existing investment portfolio for indications of social harm. The Council will research issues raised by students, faculty, or staff or as directed by the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer (VPF). Recommendations will be passed on to the VPF in an advisory capacity. The VPF will make the final recommendation to the Board of Trustees Investment Subcommittee (ISC). Should the ISC decide to take action on the recommendation, it would seek approval of the Budget Finance and Investment Committee and the full Board of Trustees.

Sustainability and STARS

The SRIAC strongly supports the goals of the Office of Sustainability and the accomplishments of other sustainability projects and programs, and provides research for Physical Plant and Campus Planning Services in pursuing UVM's AASHE STARS goals.