Jason Stockwell

Director of the Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory; Professor of Aquatic Ecology, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
jason.stockwell@uvm.edu | stockwelllaboratory.com
Research interests: Dr. Stockwell's research interests focus broadly on food web dynamics, with specific interests in how animal behavior and environmental conditions affect trophic interactions. He works in systems ranging from small, hyper-eutrophic ponds to large, deep oligotrophic lakes, and on organisms ranging from phytoplankton to apex piscivores. His active areas of research include the influence and impact of diel vertical migration on invertebrate population structure, how cyanobacteria blooms influence energetic pathways, the impact of spatial resource subsidies on winter food web interactions, and the role of environmental disturbance on phytoplankton biodiversity. Learn more about Dr. Stockwell >>

Anne Jefferson

Anne Jefferson

Director, Lake Champlain Sea Grant and Professor, Robert F. and Genevieve B. Patrick Endowed Chair in Watershed Science and Planning
anne.jefferson@uvm.edu | 802-656-5734
Research interests: Anne is a watershed hydrologist and geomorphologist who works where people live, work, and play. The goal of her research is to improve the resilience and sustainability of water resources and aquatic ecosystems in the Anthropocene. Much of Anne's research focuses on urban watersheds, stormwater management, and plastic pollution. Within and beyond the urban environment, Anne is interested in climate change’s effects on winter snowpacks and flood regimes and in how environmental decisions are made. Learn more about Dr. Jefferson >>

J. Ellen Marsden

Professor, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
ellen.marsden@uvm.edu | www.uvm.edu/rsenr/profiles/ellen_marsden
Research interests: Dr. Marsden's research is focused on restoration of coldwater fishes and biology of exotic species in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. In particular, she has studied the spawning behavior, early life history, and movements of lake trout in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain, and an introduced population in Yellowstone Lake. Her exotic species research includes understanding vectors of invasion, and developing more effective and ecologically sustainable strategies for sea lamprey control. She is also interested in the effects of lake habitat fragmentation on fish movements and genetic sub-structuring of fish populations in Lake Champlain. Learn more about Dr. Marsden>>

Mindy Morales-Williams

Assistant Professor, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
ana.morales@uvm.edu | www.vermontlimnology.com
Research interests: Dr. Morales' research program focuses on nutrient flux and energy flow via land-water linkages and addresses the role of anthropogenic disturbance and climate change processes in the formation and maintenance of harmful cyanobacteria blooms. Learn more about Dr. Morales-Williams >>

Andrew Schroth

Research Associate Professor in Geology; Research on Adaptation to Climate Change (RACC) - Lake Processes Group Team Leader; Lead Scientist for Vermont-Northeastern Water Resources Network (NEWRNet)
Research interests: Dr. Schroth is a low temperature geochemist with interdisciplinary research interests spanning the crossroads of geology, chemistry, biology and hydrology. The overarching aim of his research is to describe geochemical processes occurring at the earth’s surface with a general focus on nutrient and pollutant mobility and cycling on present day to glacial/interglacial timescales. Specifically, his goal is to understand how biogeochemical systems are affected by global or regional environmental change such as acid and metal pollution, deglaciation, shifting tree species distribution, evolving atmospheric composition, land use modification and changes in climate patterns. Learn more about Dr. Schroth >>

Kristine (Kris) Stepenuck

Kris Stepenuck

Extension Program Leader, Lake Champlain Sea Grant and Extension Assistant of Watershed Science, Policy and Education; Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
kstepenu@uvm.edu | 802-656-8504
Research interests: Kris develops, implements and oversees Lake Champlain Sea Grant Extension and outreach activities across the Lake Champlain Basin. Her current outreach efforts include using social marketing techniques to promote healthy soils through lawn care, community resilience to flooding, and clean boating and best winter maintenance practices.  Her research focuses on assessing impacts of land use on water quality, understanding target audiences and their motivations or barriers to adopting certain land use practices and evaluating outcomes of community-based social marketing campaigns on attitudes and behaviors, and understanding outcomes of programs that engage the public in scientific research. Learn more about Dr. Stepenuck >>