Matt Kolan

Director, Leadership for Sustainability

Matt is the director of the University of Vermont’s Master’s Program in Leadership for Sustainability (MLS) and the PhD Program in Transdisciplinary Leadership and Creativity for Sustainability (TLCS). He teaches courses on ecological leadership; power and privilege; systems change; and field ecology.  His research with the Crossroads Leadership Lab explores endangered and emergent leadership practices that align with the wisdom of nature; engage complexity, mystery, and multiple ways of knowing; challenge forces of domination and oppression; and center love, well-being, and learning. Matt was the winner of the University-wide Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award in 2016 and the Outstanding Ally Award for working across difference in 2013.  Matt also partners with and provides advising, coaching, and educational consulting to many organizations that are committed to equity and creating conditions for all life to thrive.