Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees

Artist and Catalyst

Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees has spent a life at the crossroads where species, cultures, beliefs and the unknown collide and find both dissonance and resonance.   Based on Seven Directions Practiceâ that she developed over 25 years with the input and guidance of indigenous elders, her current work, Practice for Living/Living Practice, helps humans re-orient to our indigenous mind and regenerate our essential relationship with the Earth’s wisdom. As an educator/artist/activist she has worked with individuals, communities, local governments and organizations in the US, Europe and New Zealand in arts, education, health care, prisons and cross cultural communication. She is past recipient of the Lila Wallace International Artist Award and has held positions as Academic Challenge Scholar in Interdisciplinary Studies at Miami University and Scholar in Residence in the schools of Business and Fine Arts at Miami University and at Cleveland Institute of Art.