Ramsey Champagne

Ramsey is a counselor, consultant, and educator.  She specializes in working with people who have been impacted (both experiencing and causing) by interpersonal, systemic, and structural systems of harm and oppression.  In her consulting work, Ramsey works with groups and organizations in order to identify and address relational, structural, and systemic factors that inhibit people's participation and wellbeing within the space.  Throughout her life, her language and cognitive frameworks have continued catching up to the moments where she has been unaware of her privilege and/or complicit in systems of oppression.  Most of her growing and emerging language and frameworks are the direct result of the love and labor of people who have navigated different spaces of privilege and oppression than she has, especially folks of color. Ramsey is deeply rooted in people and places: her family of origin and her ancestors from Scotland, Ireland, and Northern France; the glacial moraines and lakes of Northern Michigan; her chosen family through the hemlock woods; a collection of hippies who lived off the grid in Northern Michigan; her rugby team; the supervisors and teachers; her partner and children; and the friends and podmates who help her navigate accountability, relationship, and community in ways that feel aligned.  To ground herself, Ramsey is re-learning how to tend and nurture her garden, avidly mountain bikes, and loves swinging kettlebells.