If you are moving your office, or just wanting to empty out some old files and junk, then this page is for you.

Plan ahead....before you move

  • Think carefully about what items (i.e, furniture, files) you'll need in your new space, and what items you'll leave behind. Avoid moving items only to throw them away once you get there.
  • Identify any furniture, equipment and other large items to be picked up by UVM Recycling. Please submit a Planon Request to schedule a pickup.
  • Got old files and papers? Submit a Planon Request to get large wheeling carts that can be used for paper recycling. As you fill them up, we'll come empty them.
  • Try to use up any extra office supplies before your move.

Special Items to Separate for Reuse and Recycling

Many items can be reused or recycled. As you pack up your office, please take the time to separate the following categories, and avoid the temptation to toss everything in one big trash bag. Clearly label all items and boxes, and stage them in a manner for UVM Recycling crew to pickup after you've submitted your Request.

CategoryWhat to do with....
Hard-covered and Text BooksSet these aside in a sturdy box for recycling. These need to be picked up separately from other types of paper. For large quantities, we can deliver a wheeled cart.
Office SuppliesBox up unwanted, small office supplies. Request the pickup as part of your Planon Request to UVM Recycling.
Computers & Electronic WasteItems like old monitors, keyboards, and speakers must be kept separate from other equipment, as they go to a special “e-waste” recycling facility. Please pile all computer-related items in one area, tag as "Surplus Pickup" and include this in your Planon Request to UVM Recycling.
E-Waste, Batteries and Bulbs  These items can be dropped off at special recycling stations located around campus. For larger quantities, set aside in a sturdy box marked as “techno trash" and include this in your Planon Request to UVM Recycling
Scrap MetalSmall metal items like shelving brackets, wire, broken staplers, etc can be recycled as "scrap metal". Keep these in a separate box. If you have alot of scrap metal, then request a wheeling cart as part of your Request. 
Appliances & Lab EquipmentComplete a Surplus Equipment Disposal Form (PDF) to clean out item properly. Include the item as part of your Planon Request.


For More Assistance

Contact Us ahead of time before your big clean out. We'll even do a "walk through" of your area to point out what can be recycled and reused.