Disposal of Lab Equipment

Laboratory appliances such as freezers, centrifuges, biosafety cabinets, fume hoods and more must be certified clean by UVM Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) personnel. Prior to removal, all lab equipment must be checked and approved for disposal by an EHS lab safety coordinator.

Laboratory personnel must empty contents and properly decontaminate lab equipment prior to removal. Email safety@uvm.edu for more information, or refer to the checklist on the Surplus Equipment Disposal Form (.pdf)

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Nitrile Glove Recycling Program

We collect used Kimberly-Clark nitrile gloves in participating teaching labs. Once collected these gloves are sent to a third-party manufacturer and processed into useful products such as plastic lumber. Please request a box or for pick-up of a full box.  

Brown Paper Towels (teaching labs only)

You can collect compost brown paper towels from teaching labs if they were only used to clean work spaces using water. Questions, please email recycle@uvm.edu or call 656-5731. 

Lab Disposal

More information on lab disposal and lab safety. Go to UVM Environmental Health & Safety