trash and recycle bins

Recycling bins are located throughout all campus buildings. There are a variety of different styles of bins in use, but all accept the same materials. If you are cleaning out your office, please follow this Office Cleanout Guide.

Get an At-Desk Box for your Office

desk recycle box

Staff and faculty can request a desk-side recycle box to use in their office. Email with the following details: your name, department, building name, room number, and how many boxes you need. We'll deliver one to you.

Need Another Type of Bin?

ContainerHow and where we use it?Availability
Trash and recycle binsThese are our general purpose containers and are the current standard in use for most academic and administrative buildings.  Available on request
Combination Disposal Unit These multi-unit disposal stations are custom-ordered and can be found in buildings such as the Davis Center, Howe Library and Waterman. They are made from 100% recycled plastic. Contact UVM Recycling for more information on how to purchase these for your building.Custom Ordered 
Old metal containers, no longer in use. These are the older style of collection bins that were the campus standard until 2015.  Don't let the slotted openings or labels confuse you; all recycle bins on campus accept the same materials regardless if the labels say otherwise. No longer available.
65 Gallon Cart on wheels, by request onlyThese 65-gallon capacity rolling carts are primarily used for office cleanouts, e-waste collection and special events. UVM Recycling will deliver these upon request When using these carts the important thing is to keep the material stream homogenous. Do not mix! Enter a Planon Request to have carts delivered to your location.  By Request