Fully funded by the university, the UVM Press uses a diamond open-access model to ensure free readership, free authorship, and immediate online, global access to all its published titles.

Established in 2023, the University of Vermont Press is a division of the University of Vermont Libraries, funded by the University of Vermont.

The UVM Press is a diamond open-access, born-digital university press that publishes peer-reviewed journals, books, and special projects in support of the university’s distinctive research strengths—the health of our environment and our societies.

We operate in support of the fundamental mission of all academic libraries: to make knowledge and information freely available and readily accessible to everyone in need. That mission often stands at odds with the current, inequitable system of scholarly publishing, which passes costs on to researchers and readers. Through the UVM Press, the UVM Libraries are creating new ways for local and global patrons to access information. We are also part of a global movement to develop sustainable practices in scholarly publication. 

The UVM Press serves the community.

UVM is a land-grant institution founded for the public at large. The UVM Press makes scholarly research available to all—our local, national, and global community members.

The UVM Press shares essential information.

We recognize the connection between higher education and a healthy democracy and commit to making our published research accessible to all.

The UVM Press encourages diversity of thought.

We provide a venue for completing views to engage in conversation. The UVM Press will model the types of thoughtful, rigorous, factually informed debate in increasingly short supply in the public square.

The UVM Press improves understanding.

Our publications enhance understanding of the liberal arts, environment, health, and public service. 


Publish with the UVM Press

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About open-access publishing

"Open-access" or OA publishing makes scholarly materials immediately available online and free to anyone. Everybody with an internet connection enjoys access to all OA publications. 


There are many models for open-access publishing.

Some of these models require authors to pay article processing charges (APCs), or require libraries to pay “read and publish” fees (Subscribe to Open, or S2O). The UVM Press does not!


The UVM Press publishes under the diamond open-access model.

We make our content entirely free for readers and free for authors by eliminating article processing charges, subscription fees, and other financial barriers.

Creative Commons licenses ensure the right to share and distribute information published under the UVM Press.