Museum closed due the ongoing reorganization of the Geology Department.

Meanwhile, take a look at our Educational Materials, and Geology Resources


Admission is free.

The museum welcomes groups and individuals of all ages.

Educational handout materials are available; you are welcome to print and use them for teaching puposes, or to enhance your own visit.

The Museum is not staffed; it is managed by Geology Department staff, but the List of Exhibits can serve as a self-guided tour.

The Museum is to the right through Delehanty’s front lobby. Lectures and labs may be in session, even during summer months, so thank you for being quiet in the lobby and hallways. Coats and backpacks may be left neatly on a bench in the lobby. It is imperative that teachers and chaperones closely supervise their students or guests.

Wheelchairs can enter the building by going to the far right of the Delehanty Building's front door to where the curb becomes level with the parking lot. The double front doors are not power-assist, therefore they need to be opened manually.

Please email the UVM Geology Department to make group or individual reservations. Include school/group name and number of students/vistors. The Museum has many vistors, so coordinating schedules in advance can prevent any overlap of large groups. 


  • Passenger vehicles must park in The University “visitor” designated parking located behind Delehanty Building (beside Farrell Hall) using Parkmobile App (, otherwise, use the nearest (also metered) visitor lots located off East Avenue (by the water tower). A shuttle bus connects Trinity Campus to parking areas. For detailed information regarding parking and shuttle schedule, please see Transportation and Parking Services. For "Handicapped Parking" look for designated spaces.
  • School busses: short visit, i.e., 20 minutes or less, the bus may stay in the lot behind and to the right of Delehanty only if the driver stays in the bus.
  • School busses: extended visit, i.e., 20 minutes or more, the bus drivers may drop off students at the front entrance of Delehanty Building on UVM’s Trinity Campus, then the driver can park the vehicle, free of charge, behind Police Services at 284 East Avenue. Trinity Campus is at one end of East Ave, while Police Services is at the other end of East Ave by the light at Carrigan Drive (one of the entrances to the Medical Center).

Food & Beverages

Beverages, snacks, and all foods are prohibited from the Museum. All foods and beverages must be left outside the Museum. To have a meal nearby, try Northside Dining cafeteria in McAuley Hall, which is a safe and easy walk from Delehanty on the campus path. Other campus dining locations.

Groups up to 20 Visitors

The recommended group-size is 20 individuals, including students, teachers and chaperones. The group size has been determined to be best for visitors’ ability to view the exhibits, as well as, for the protection of the exhibits themselves. Please have a few adults for a group of  20.  Groups larger than 20 need to divide the group accordingly (see "Groups Exceeding 20 Visitors"). All groups or individuals need to be managed such that:

NO ONE touches the hologram screen (in front or inback) or the image itself; touching damages and degrades the image;

The image is best viewed by standing beside exhibit 24. Stay behind the cordoned area.

Also, NO ONE leans on any glass surface in the museum.

Educational Handout Materials you are welcome to print and use.

Groups Exceeding 20 Visitors

The Museum can only hold groups of 20 individuals, including students, teachers and chaperones. The recommended group-size is best for visitors’ ability to view the exhibits, as well as for the protection of the exhibits themselves.

If your group exceeds 20 individuals, then please divide your group, such as in half or thirds as needed. One group could tour the Museum exhibits, while the other explores exhibits in Delehanty Lobby (exhibits 1-5) and in the hallway outside the Museum. These exhibits can entertain and educate half the group while the other half visits the Museum itself. Another option is that part of the large group can visit local sites such as Fleming Museum or Echo Center. Plan ahead such that you can divide and manage your group-size accordingly. We have Educational Museum Handout Materials that you are welcome to print and use. Teachers are asked to provide their own copies, as well as pencils and clipboards for their students.

Important rules for visiting:

NO ONE touches the hologram screen or the image itself. Touching damages and degrades the image; it is best viewed by standing beside exhibit 24. Stay behind the cordoned area.

NO ONE leans on any glass surface in the Museum.

NO food or beverages allowed in the Museum.


Restrooms are located on the north side of the building. Go through the double doors on the left side of the Delehanty Lobby, and restrooms are on left side of the hallway. First, the Women's room, then Men's, and the Accessible Restroom is at the end of the hallway.

Visiting Lessor's Quarry


Lessor’s Quarry is closed to all visitors until further notice due to vandalism and general misuse of the geologic site.


Visiting Redstone Quarry

Redstone Quarry is open to the general public for daytime use, however, you must ask permission from the UVM Geology Department to visit.

Before visiting Redstone Quarry Natural Area, please email the UVM Geology Department and wait for confirmation because the UVM Geology Department regularly visits the Quarry for field trips and research. 

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  • The Museum is open M-F 8:30am-4:30pm during the academic year.
  • M-F 9am-4pm during the summer months (mid May-mid August).
  • The Museum is always closed on weekends, holidays, and during UVM breaks.