Welcome to the University of Vermont!

We look forward to meeting you during international student orientation. International orientation is required of all new international students, and gives you time and information to successfully begin your studies at UVM. Below is a sampling of some of the orientation activities - most of these are required, but we will also give you free time in the afternoons to explore this town which will become your second home! You will receive the exact schedule when you arrive in the US.

Spring 2019 Orientation Schedules

Your Orientation Schedules are here! Click the appropriate link to see your schedule. 

Undergraduate, Graduate & Exchange Students
Global Gateway Program (GGP) Students

Orientation Dates

Spring 2019

International Student Orientation (All Students) - January 7-11

  • January 7: Required arrival day for Global Gateway/select exchange students, optional arrival day for all other students. Residence hall move-in open for on-campus students (9:00AM-8:00PM). Students arriving in Burlington after move-in hours must find housing for the night. Orientation check-in 10:00AM-5:00PM.
  • January 8: Final arrival day for remaining students. Optional welcome activities. Residence hall move-in for on-campus students (9:00AM-8:00PM). Orientation check-in (9:00AM-5:00PM)
  • January 9-11: Orientation sessions and activities. Schedule details sent in weeks prior to arrival.

Summer 2019

International Student Orientation (GGP Students) - May 14-17

  • May 14: Global Gateway students' arrival day (check-in to residence halls 9AM-4:30PM)
  • May 14: Optional welcome activities.
  • May 15-17: Orientation sessions and activities. Schedule details sent in weeks prior to arrival.

International Student Orientation (All Other Students) - By Appointment

  • Any other students arriving to begin their studies in May will have an individual appointment with an advisor in the Office of International Education. This should be scheduled to occur on or before your first day of classes noted on your immigration document. Call or visit our office to make an appointment.

Fall 2019

International Graduate Student Orientation (Graduate and Pre-Master's Program) - August 13-15

  • August 12: PMP Pre-orientation Events (for Pre-Master's Program students only)
  • August 13: Orientation check-in from 9:00AM-4:00PM.
  • August 14-15: Orientation sessions and activities. Schedule details sent in weeks prior to arrival.

International Student Orientation (Global Gateway Program, Undergraduate, and Exchange) - August 19-25

  • August 19: Required arrival and check-in day. Orientation check-in from 10:00AM-5:00PM. Residence hall move-in for on-campus students is 9:00AM-8:00PM. On-campus students arriving after move-in hours must find housing for the night. 
  • August 20: Late Orientation and Housing check-in for students who arrived after hours on Monday is from 9:00AM-11:00AM. Language testing for some students held on this day. Optional activities for others. 
  • August 21-22: Orientation sessions and activities. Schedule details sent in weeks prior to arrival.
  • August 23-25: Campus-wide required opening weekend activities. 


Sample Educational Sessions

Going to University in the US: Learn about the US classroom. We will explain the differences and similarities from your home country, talk about campus resources and academic honesty policies, and give tips for success!

Adjusting to Life in the US: Think about and discuss big US cultural values, how to adjust to living in a new country, and learn some quick ideas for daily life in the US.

Health and Safety at UVM: Our top priority is ensuring our students are safe and healthy and we have lots of great services to help with this. Hear from the Center for Health and Wellbeing and UVM police.

Sample Social Sessions

International Trivia Night : Meet other new international students who have arrived at UVM recently and play a fun game to compete for prizes!

Ice Hockey 101: Many American colleges have sports teams that are popular on campus. At UVM, this includes ice hockey. At this fun event, members of the men's and women's ice hockey teams will teach you about the sport.  You will also have the opportunity to go on the ice and try to score goals!

Campus Scavenger Hunt: Form a team and go explore campus looking for clues - you get to know your new home and get to know fellow students. Plus, there are prizes a the end!

Sample Activities for Setting up Your Life in Burlington

Setting up a US Bank Account/Cell Phone: Orientation volunteers (other UVM students) will take you to local banks and cell phone vendors and help you set up these new things for yourself, if you would like that assistance. This is optional, but it is more fun to do this with friends than on your own...it can be quite confusing otherwise!

Campus Tour: We will show you where your classes are, where you can use the gym, places students most prefer to eat and hang out, and other important things so that you know how to get around our beautiful campus.

Free Time to Explore Burlington: Part of the fun of living in a new place is exploring what it has to offer, and Burlington has a lot. We will give you free time and also lots of tips of great things to do, like a walk down to the lake, check out a restaurant on Church Street, maybe just taking the bus around town to learn local transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I need to miss international student orientation. Is that OK?

In almost all cases, missing orientation is not possible. Generally, students who will not attend international student orientation will not be able to start their studies at UVM. If you have an unavoidable conflict, you may contact our office to see if missing orientation might be possible in your case.

I am a first-year student. Can I go to June orientation instead?

International students may attend June orientation, but you will need to then also either attend international student orientation or come to a make-up orientation meeting the first day of classes. For most international students, travel to the USA for June orientation is too expensive and time-consuming. Whether you attend just International Orientation or also join us in June, we will make sure you are well prepared for your first semester at UVM.

If I miss June orientation, how will I register for my courses?

In the months and weeks leading up to your first semester, your academic unit will work with you on course advising and selection. Many students will also meet with their advisor in their first days on campus in August.

I studied in the US at another school. Do I need to come to international student orientation?

Yes. Orientation is required of all of our new students, regardless of how long you have studied in the USA. We cover information about UVM's immigration policies and student resources. These might be different from your past school.There may be some sessions that we excuse you from attending, however. 

Is there a cost associated with International Student Orientation?

No additional costs apply for attending orientation. Students should plan on covering any costs related to accommodations and meal plans which might not be covered already. See your pre-arrival materials for details.


Missing International Student Orientation

Attending International Student Orientation is required for all international students. However, we know there are sometimes unavoidable situations which may prevent you from attending. You must receive approval to miss orientation ahead of time. Even if approved to miss orientation, students who are not here by the first day of classes will need to defer their time at UVM to a later semester. 

If you miss international student orientation, you will need to do two things to make up for what you missed:

  • Attend a make-up orientation session in the first week of classes. Look for an email from the Office of International Education at the end of orientation week with times for make-up sessions.
  • Review the information before the first week of classes to make sure you are prepared to begin your studies. Read orientation highlights here and you can ask follow-up questions when you meet with an advisor.


We're excited to meet you on arrival day.  Safe travels and see you soon!