• Orientation: Checking in

  • Orientation: Meeting other new students

  • Orientation: President's Reception

  • Orientation: President's Reception

Welcome to the University of Vermont!

We look forward to meeting you during international student orientation. International orientation is required of all new international students, and gives you time and information to successfully begin your studies at UVM. Below is a sampling of some of the orientation activities - most of these are required, but we will also give you free time in the afternoons to explore this town which will become your second home! You will receive the exact schedule when you arrive in the US.

Orientation Dates & Schedules

International Student Orientation is shortly before classes or programs begin each term. 

Summer 2024

International Student Orientation (By Appointment)

  • Any student arriving to begin their studies in the summer months will have an individual appointment with an advisor in the Office of International Education. This should be scheduled to occur on or before your first day of classes as noted on your immigration document. Call or visit our office to make an appointment.

Fall 2024

International Graduate Student Orientation - August 13-16

  • Funded graduate students may check in with the Office of International Education by appointment up to 30 days before the start date listed on their immigration document. Details will go out to students via email in the weeks leading up to orientation.

International Student Pre-Orientation for Undergraduate and Exchange Students - August 19-22

  • Move-in for on-campus students is 9:00AM-4:30PM on August 19. Students arriving in Burlington earlier than August 19 should make other accommodation arrangements until move-in on the 19th. Students who cannot arrive and check into campus residence halls by 4:30PM should make other arrangements for a hotel for the evening and can check in at 9:00AM on August 20.
  • Students will participate in New Student Orientation following International Student Pre-Orientation.

Spring 2025

International Student Orientation (All Students) - January 7-10

  • Move-in for on-campus students is 9:00AM-4:30PM on Tuesday, January 7. Students arriving in Burlington earlier than the move-in date should make other accommodation arrangements until move-in. Students who cannot arrive and check into campus residence halls by 4:30PM should make arrangements for a hotel for the evening and can check in at 9:00AM on the morning following move-in.
  • Students will participate in New Student Orientation following International Student Pre-Orientation.

What to Expect at Orientation

Orientation is made up of activities and sessions to help you make connections and learn what you need. 

Orientation Sessions

We have developed a set of five core orientation sessions that distill the key questions and needs of new students. 

Welcome Session: Meet our staff and learn about the Office of International Education, and participate in activities to get to know the other new international students as we start our time together. 

Going to University in the US/Going to Graduate School in the US: Learn about the US classroom and the cultural expectations you may experience while in UVM classrooms, plus learn about how to enhance your academic experience by getting involved outside of the classroom.

Health and Safety at UVM: Our top priority is ensuring our students are safe and healthy and we have lots of great services to help with this.

Immigration Regulations: F-1 and J-1 students will learn about the rules of maintaining their visa status and your rights and benefits on your non-immigrant status. 

Adjusting to Life in the US: Think about and discuss big US cultural values, how to adjust to living in a new country, and learn some quick ideas for daily life in the US.

Orientation Activities

Beyond the orientation sessions, we have daily events for you to connect with other new students, settle into your new home in Vermont, and explore the UVM campus. Some examples:

Campus Tour: We will show you where your classes are, where you can use the gym, places students most prefer to eat and hang out, and other important things so that you know how to get around our beautiful campus.

Shopping Trips: Orientation volunteers (other UVM students) will show you how to navigate the local bus system and take you to get the things you need to start your life in Burlington.

Bank Visits/Cell Phone Set-up: Orientation volunteers will take you to local banks and cell phone vendors and help you set up these new things for yourself, if you would like that assistance. 

Campus Scavenger Hunt: Form a team and go explore campus looking for clues - you get to know your new home and get to know fellow students. Plus, there are prizes a the end!

Ice Hockey 101: At this fun event, members of the men's and women's ice hockey teams will teach you about one of UVM's popular sports and give you a chance to get on the ice to try some hockey basics.

Evening Social Events: Every evening there will be events to connect you with other students. These include getting creemees (soft serve ice cream) by the lake, game nights, trivia competitions, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I need to miss international student orientation. Is that OK?

In almost all cases, missing orientation is not possible. Generally, students who will not attend international student orientation will not be able to start their studies at UVM. If you have an unavoidable conflict, you may contact our office to see if missing orientation might be possible in your case.

I studied in the US at another school. Do I need to come to international student orientation?

Yes. Orientation is required of all of our new students, regardless of how long you have studied in the USA. We cover information about UVM's immigration policies and student resources. These might be different from your past school.There may be some sessions that we excuse you from attending, however. 

Is there a cost associated with International Student Orientation?

No additional costs apply for attending orientation. Students should plan on covering any costs related to accommodations and meal plans which might not be covered already. See your pre-arrival materials for details.