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May 4, 2021

Farmers growing grass to feed livestock are important stewards of land, water and many treasured Vermont viewsheds. Supporting them means supporting a healthy and thriving Vermont, and that's why the Center focuses on building relationships and providing practical and accessible information. Here are a few videos we recently shared that provide hands-on tips for farmers at the early start of the growing season - and an interesting glimpse into what a life in balance with the farmland is like for anyone who's interested.


As winter has given way to the growing season, farmers and land managers and their animals are getting into their fields.

Our team has put together a few short videos with tips and tricks for farmers and for anyone interested in knowing about the working landscape and how to interact with it.  When is the moment to get the animals off of stored feed and onto the pasture?  What can farmers do now that will make the rest of the growing season as productive and manageable as possible?  Click through below for a look.  (And as always - let us know what you think!)


What are the plants in the pasture showing us about how they are growing and when they're ready?  Here's the Center's Jenn Colby showing how understand your plants so they can support livestock.

Spring is the right time to work on a farm's watering system, and here's Amber Reed (and an excellent supporting cast!) showing how to install valves to make it easy to get water to animals where it's needed. 


And for a deeper dive, here's a conversation between members of the Pasture Program that we recorded in spring 2020.  Give a look for tips on:

- recognizing when grasses are making their own energy through photosynthesis instead of relying on stored energy in their roots.
- using marginal areas to let your soil and plants be fully ready before animals are on them.
- using careful observation and timing so that you can preserve and build soil health through the season.
- using your animals to beat back invasive species.

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