Land Access and Tenure Toolshed

This section of the New Farmer Project website contains articles, fact sheets, tools, links, and other resources related to farmland access and tenure. Topics include farm prospecting, farmland purchase and leasing, land stewardship, and land use regulations. Information here is relevant both to beginning farmers and to land owners who are interested in having their land farmed.

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Searching for Farmland. This section provides a general overview of considerations when searching for land.

Vermont Farm Assessement Checklist. This tool helps you assess whether a given property is right for you and your farm enterprise.

Alternative Tenure Options: This section provides an overview of alternatives to ownership that are available to beginning farmers.

Crafting a Lease Agreement. Here you'll find important things beginning farmers may want to consider when pursuing a lease agreement.

*NEW* Determining the Right Farm Rental Rate. Published in August 2014, this guide is designed to help farmers and landowners determine a fair cash rental rate for farmland, equipment and infrastructure.

Financing a Farm Purchase. This section provides an overview of where to look for financing to purchase farms and farmland.

Guide to Financing the Community Supported Farm.  Includes options and considerations for unconventional farm financing and purchase.  Chapters 3 and 4 detail “Owner Financed Sales and Land Contracts” and “Considerations for Dealing with Farmland Investors.”

Land Use Regulations. This section provides an overview of Vermont state laws and regulations that can affect a farmer's decision to purchase or lease a particular property and that can affect farm operations and taxes.

Land Access and Tenure Resources. This section provides listings and links to articles, fact sheets, tools and other resources related to farmland access and tenure.

Browse farm, land and employment opportunties at Vermont Land Link. This website is intended to encourage connections and to help beginning and aspiring farmers find farms, land and employment opportunities. Search for farm opportunities, land and farms for sale and for lease within 50 miles of Vermont.

New England Farmland Finder A consortium of New England organizations focused on farmland access and linking services created this site to help farm seekers and farm property holders find each other. The site’s format is similar to “for sale by owner” sites or classified listings. Because it is free, simple, region-wide, automated and constantly current, it can serve as a friendly portal for property holders and farmland seekers.