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Land Access and Tenure Toolshed: Land Access and Tenure Resources

Online Resources & Webinars

Land For Good courses, tutorials and handbooks. A New England-based nonprofit, Land for Good has developed a farmer-oriented online tutorial on Farm Leasing that introduces you to the benefits and challenges of leasing, explains types of farm leases, and explains when to use them. Land For Good also publishes handbooks for public and private landowners on leasing. You may find it helpful to share these resources with landowners who rent farmland and to landowners exploring renting their land.

The Vermont New Farmer Network's Resources Guide for Vermont's New And Aspiring Farmers provides a discussion of the common challenges to securing affordable and productive farmland, and ways beginning farmers can address those challenges.

Land Access for Beginning Farmers Webinar Series. Kathy Ruhf, co-director of the non-profit Land for Good, and Ben Waterman, coordinator of the Land Access program for the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture cover concepts about holding farmland and a variety of considerations for evaluating potential parcels and arramgenements. View the Land Access for Beginning Farmers Part I Webinar. View the Land Access for Beginning Farmers Part 2 Webinar.

The presentations for each of the webinars is also available as a pdf. Download the Land Access for Beginning Farmers-Part I Presentation (pdf). Download the Land Access for Beginning Farmers-Part 2 Presentation.

Online Linking Services

Vermont Land Link: An online search tool that allows farmers to search current farm, land, and employment opportunities, based on certain criteria, such as available open land acreage, location, or type of tenure opportunity. Vermont Land Link will post listings of opportunities that are available in Vermont and within 50 miles of Vermont.

New England Farmland Finder A consortium of New England organizations focused on farmland access and linking services created this site to help farm seekers and farm property holders find each other. The site’s format is similar to “for sale by owner” sites or classified listings. Because it is free, simple, region-wide, automated and constantly current, it can serve as a friendly portal for property holders and farmland seekers. 


Holding Ground: A Guide to Northeast Farmland Tenure and Stewardship is a comprehensive guide, offering models and mechanisms other than outright ownership for securing tenure on farmland in any U.S. region. It is published by the Intervale Foundation and the New England Small Farm Institute, 2004 It can be ordered at the New England Small Farms Institute book store at, or by calling (413) 323-4531.

The Legal Guide to the Business of Farming in Vermont is published in hard copies that can be ordered at UVM Center For Sustainable Agriculture, (802) 656-5459, but is also available free, online Chapter III covers legal aspects of farmland tenure and leasing:

UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture published a “Lease Agreements Guide for Land Owners and Farmers,” covering the basics of what should be included in effective farmland lease agreements:

Other Organizations and Links

The Massachusetts-based non-profit, Equity Trust, provides various resources related to making farmland more affordable and for expanding the community land trust model:

University of Vermont Farm Family Succession Website contains articles, events, research results and other resources pertaining to helping farm families transfer the farm to the next generation.



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