• Mosaic

The Mosaic Center for Students of Color (MCSC) is a home away from home both literally and figuratively! We are conveniently located in the Living and Learning Center. Spaces in the MCSC include spaces to pray, study, visit with other students, hold small group meetings, or just relax. 

Advising & Mentoring

Our mission is to provide individualized holistic support for UVM students of color. We strive to provide them with academic, developmental, cultural and personal advice, guidance, and mentorship so that they are successful and well-rounded college students.  We want our students to be happy, healthy and thriving.

Advising, Peer Mentoring and Wellbeing


We provide a wide variety of connection points which enable us to meet students where they are.  Our programs range from weekly opportunities, to summer programming and even peer mentoring.

All MCSC Student Programs


MCSC is known for hosting remarkable events.  We kick off the year with a Welcome Back Family Reunion and end the year with our Spring Awards Banquet!

Event Info

Mosaic Center for Students of Color

Other Opportunities

  • Student Leadership Development
  • Catamount Dream Zone
  • Counter-Storytelling in Edu (EDHI 096)

Catamount Dream Zone at the Mosaic Center for Students of Color